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Sermon Number 2: The man of 1000 alts: 9/12/2016 20:17:50

Cheesus Crust
Level 23
There came a time in the land of Forumia when a man took power. He was powerful, and had 3000 dexterous cats, 70000 downvotes, and 1000 alts. The man came upon the threads of the Plain, and took them one by one. The people fled to Cheesus, saying, "how can we overpower the man with 1000 alts?"
Five days later, Cheesus said, "Our Lord and Flavor has spoken to me, saying that the forces this man musters are simply scouts, similar to a hawk hiding its talons. Simply taunt the man, and he shall leave."
And so Cheesus went with his followers to the threads of the Plain, and found the man who commanded the powerful force. Upon seeing him, Cheesus struck courage into his followers that seeped through their veins like oil into crust, and they shouted to their foe,
"What man thinks he can attack us with merely a scouting force? The lands are so well fortified you would need 2000 alts at least!". The women danced and sang, "Our Lord and Flavor battles his foes with his full strength! And you only send him a scouting force! Perhaps you should leave and gather the rest of it from your pitiful wastes!"

For 10 days the men and women said these words to the man. And after 10 days, they awoke to see him fleeing the country. Cheesus stood atop the Hill of Shitposts and cuursed him.
Sermon Number 2: The man of 1000 alts: 9/12/2016 21:54:38

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
Sermon Number 2: The man of 1000 alts: 9/12/2016 22:10:34

Level 51
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