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Option for Tournament Games: 9/20/2011 06:16:17

Level 49
I had a few cases recently where a tournament game is clearly won, yet the losing player or team stalls endlessly... In normal games, I don't really care and eventually take the win, but in tournament play it slows down the whole schedule.
Example from a 2v2: one opponent was eliminated, his teammate had only one territory with a big number, surrounded by the other 2 players with decent incomes. It's clearly just a matter of time, but it took several days ( 2-3 days per turn) to chase that big army...

what I would like to see is an option to call in 'admin judgement' (Fizzer or anybody he assigns for the job). This would be only possible once per game and allow the 'admin' the end the game if he/she agrees the situation is clearly won. Other rules could be added (maybe only available after turn x or total number of troops o income is x% bigger ...)

Tournaments are great fun and a nice way to play with different people, but often you forget what it was all about because they advance so slowly.


Option for Tournament Games: 9/23/2011 13:48:59

Level 48
lol, a judge to end a game(a GAME,omg)
I dont think fizzer wants to spend time on individual games though

If you realy want this, you could go to uservoice and make a proposal,
but i suggest to ask for a new option that the host can set, which would look something like this:

"If the team income of one team is X% higher then that of the next biggest team(maybe for 2-3 consecutive turns, and having more armies then the next biggest team on the map should probably be a condition that has to be met too) that team wins the game (in case of 1on1/FFA every player is a team, obviously)"

I dont think it s realy necessarily though,
when one player has an income large enough to have effectively won the game, he/she doesnt need to think through his/her moves much anyhow, just play agressive and wipe your opponent out
(and if you re saying the opponent can have a big stack of armies somewhere that doesnt die in a few turns, that effectively means he/she still stands a chance and should NOT automatically lose the game)
Option for Tournament Games: 9/23/2011 14:59:09

Level 54
No way Fizzer would have enough time to manage games this way. Too bad if a game is pretty slow in a tourney, they are not meant to be played very fast anyway and if they extend for years, well too bad but the autoboot settings should have been ruled differently. A slow player may take 2 days for each given turn and it's not cool, but this way the most painful waitings for a game should last 2 or 3 weeks and these players can be systematically blacklisted by those who observe their behaviour and don't enjoy it. In the final stages of an elimination tourney, this shouldn't be a frequent problem, and round-Robin tourneys need a strict autoboot and possibly fewer players. Check the settings and list/criters of invites before joining a tourney and please forget the idea of a judge for single WL games, it could become a monster task if happily WL grows wide and wealthy.
Option for Tournament Games: 9/25/2011 09:01:02

Level 49
doesnt need to be Fizzer, he could appoint an admin for it. I dont think it will happen very often either, but slow tournaments are a pain tbh
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