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Help With Bulgarian Empire Map: 9/11/2016 14:22:29

Level 55
Working as a Group

I am trying to make a map of the Bulgarian Empire. However, this is only the first map I've ever made, the map is around the size of "A Tale Of Four Cities", and sometimes life gets busy for me. So what I've been thinking is using file-hosting sites such as http://www.filehosting.org/ to share Inkscape projects with me to work with as a group. If we do this, this map will get done a lot faster.

Ideas for Territories/Bonuses

Since this map is going to be huge, I might need some help with territories. I have a list for some reference maps below. I am also thinking to do a 5:3 ratio for the bonuses, with 5 being the # of territories. However, I'm thinking of a 3:1 for the superbonuses, with 3 being the # of bonuses. Oh yeah, I'm also thinking of cities with a ratio of at least 3:1 to 10:1.


I'm thinking of having a timeline, kind of like the map "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" with each section being separated by "First Bulgarian Empire" "Second Bulgarian Empire" and "Modern Bulgaria". Im also thinking of having the sea a light blue, with a kind of coastline that gets lighter until it hits land. I also may be thinking of little decorations of territories such as a little wooden village or a man riding with his horse. I will think of it more as the map progresses on.

Other and Links

Remember, this is only some ideas for the map. I will be planning it more when people start sending WL emails to my account. And don't worry, I will be doing things to improve it so that you guys don't have to do all of the work. Anyway, here are the links (there's a lot).

Help With Bulgarian Empire Map: 9/12/2016 09:34:55

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 52
Put all your reference maps on a separate layer on your inkscape file.
This many images might mean your file can't be uploaded to WL with the images still there so you have to duplicate the file and delete the images layer on the duplicate and upload the duplicate.
Geacron is quite inaccurate and isn't very detailed (maps from google images or even youtube videos are better).
Try and get maps with the names on them.
At that size you're going to invest a lot of time into this so think carefully about how it's going to be designed.
This size also means you are going to have to cut down on the amount of extra artwork on the map (e.g. coats of arms) otherwise space will run out (even without the background images), however some is needed to make the map original. Space might also run out if your territory borders are too detailed.
Always use the biggest maps you can (e.g. a map of the whole bulgarian empire's bonuses).
When overlaying a territories-map onto a bonuses-map, you will need to skew it with the various transforming features inkscape provides, to account for earth curvature and inaccuracy of the maps.
Territory size is going to be an issue, always test that the territories you are making are big enough to display numbers by uploading to WL.
How to make territories quickly and avoid drawing the same line more than once:
To do bonuses:
1) Draw map outline or mega bonus outline
2) Draw lines to split it into smaller bonuses, doing ctrl-shift-C each time
3) For each line, click it, shift-click the shape, ctrl-shift-[hyphen then K]
To do territories:
1) Find a shape for a bonus
2) Draw lines to split it into territories, DON'T DO THE ctrl-shift-c THING!!!
3) For each line, click it, shift-click the shape, ctrl-shift-/ (this is best done using the shift and ctrl keys on the right side of the keyboard)

I know this because I helped zxctycxz make the 'tale of four cities' map IRL

Edited 9/12/2016 09:42:23
Help With Bulgarian Empire Map: 9/12/2016 10:06:06

Level 55
I was planning to overlap and delete the images one at a time, which could help, but thank you for the info!
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