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Thank you for this lovely game!: 9/11/2016 13:14:26

Level 11
I just want to say, thank you for this wonderful game.
Thank you guys for all the time you spend making maps.
I spent a lot of time these last few weeks playing through so many maps.
The joys of conquering San Diego, San Francisco, Taiwan, China... all places I've lived... and then I can conquer the fantasy worlds I've trotted like Middle Earth, Westeros...
So I buckled down and bought the mega maps pack and supported the community.
I love all these wonderful maps, these wonderful games, all the wonderful effort and creativity of this game. Thank you all, and especially to the creators of this game.
Thank you for this lovely game!: 9/11/2016 15:00:58

Level 61
^way to insult someone who's genuinely thankful

Anyway icky, All of warlight is made and managed by one person, Randy (Long John) Ficker. His account is 'Fizzer'. Most of the maps are made by people who also love the game.

Buying the mega maps pack supports fizzer and furthers development of the game. If you want to support map creators, the best thing you can do is Rate and Review maps.

At the end of each game you play, a 'Rate this map' button appears in the 'game summary' Alternatively, you can click 'Community' then 'maps' and view each map's page. If I had a suggestion to start, it'd be with my maps ;)

Ratings and Reviews are super important to map makers, and not alot of people are aware you can rate to begin with.

Also, congrats on braving the forums. Most don't make it out of here alive.

Edited 9/11/2016 15:04:02
Thank you for this lovely game!: 9/11/2016 16:00:16

Level 61
Is this another alt of yours, anonym? I suspect it so much, having lied for buying the mega maps pack... and such.
Thank you for this lovely game!: 9/11/2016 17:41:34

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Belgium is dem relevant
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