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ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/17/2011 23:44:15

Level 7
I don't know if you can read all chat but if yes here link to game:
[game link](http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=1490577)

About situation:
We play normal and like we see we going losing but not at all we have chance to win
In turn 7 Klamit was booted after 5 minutes by Sally
like normal poople buse him why he does that and why he dont ask etc before he boot
So 007 please us to VOTE TO END GAME so the rest player agree
Sally becouse mind of too fast boot Klamit surrender, then player BURTON waiting how situation will grow up use it to his advantages and say he don't Vote becouse its 2 vs 2, but for me game was end before surrender of Sally and i wait untill BURTON click Vote to End button, but he did't do it .
In his mind think its fairy game start from now 2 vs 2 even second ago he buse bc was 3 vs 2 and soon they should lose ,hastily Sally surrend so BURTON can say He dont Vote to end. Then was long discution on chat about this situation and i stop really play in this game, bc i dont agree that was fairy that he will win like that i decided to waste his time waiting until my dead and surrender in last turn.

I dont know if here are so kind of repression but please take care or beware player nick BURTON

i add of course to blacklist him and add that 007 say him also to VOTE in one or two moments in chat.

Thanks for attention and sorry for bad english.
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/18/2011 06:35:08

Kleyton Manning 
Level 17
Shit happens.
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/18/2011 10:12:10

Level 16
Well, looks like Burton just didn't want to give up when the odds looked as if they were against him, and when it turned out he was doing great he still didn't want to end the game. (I checked, he ***never*** asked you to vote.)

Probably, his biggest mistake was to keep saying you were whining. He should have just made his point and stop talking. Also, his remark about you not being native speakers was a little rude. As a *fellow foreigner*, I can understand that doesn't feel good.

But, honestly, I'd say he is right about playing on, and you especially were a pain with all the consecutive messages. You're not per se *a sore loser*, but you did *lose sorely* this one game.

Please tell me if you didn't understand that last remark and I'll try to explain in Spanish. (I suppose you're Mexican.)
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/18/2011 11:08:49

Level 7
i didnt write that he please for vote but his teammate, everybody do it and he wait what will going on i am sure if sally (new player he didnt know what to do, unfortunately he surrender even dont ask us, becouse if he ask we say no and wait for vote Burton)

and i must say Burton make pressure to Sally

but after this Burton find only way to victory not agree to vote :)
i play here so time so i know if no sally here we lose but it was little dissapointed that people wanna one little dirty victory so much ;0

I say in first post: after this situation(-8-9 turn) i i stop playing like normal :)
For me game was end when 007 please for END i click and go another game, then i back and see what is going here ;0

Not i am not mexican :D
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/18/2011 14:47:57

Level 16
Italian? (I'm not Italian, in case my name would make you think so.)

Oh well, you just lost because of a combination of circumstances: a noob teammate and an eccentric enemy.

The other way around *is* usually nicer. :)
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/18/2011 15:34:59

Level 54
The reason why really read because i think Funny.
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/19/2011 09:21:00

Level 58
Has anyone ever tried playing with the like Italians have not yet begun to do that so far yet?
ABOUT ONE GAME: 9/19/2011 10:08:21

Level 44
many English learners have difficulty conjugating their sentences properly.. because English tends to follow different rules for verbs subjects etc. then most other languages -At least the ones I've learned partially previously-
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