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Bonus values: 9/8/2011 02:00:55

Level 3
Hey all!

How do you all assign bonus values? I've tried a few ways, but none of them seem to get results anything like as good as Medium Earth.

Bonus values: 9/8/2011 04:09:00

Level 58

Warzone Creator
The only surefire way is *lots of test games*. I can't count how many games we played on Earth before the bonus values stopped changing.

At one point in the early days we made a spreadsheet that helps. Enter all of the bonuses, how many territories are in the bonuses, how many edge territories there are (that need to be defended), how many other bonuses touch that bonus, and how many other territories touch that bonus.

Of course, the tricky part is figuring out how to weigh each of these values to come up with a final bonus value. Even once you do, this is really just a starting point - it can't replace good ole' fashioned testing.

I'm sure if you ask on the forums for testers you'll find lots of people to volunteer and give advice.
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