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Color diversity: 9/7/2011 12:47:06

Level 60

Is there a possibility (for small games up to 3vs3 only) to blockade more colors than only those that are in play? For example, can light blue blockade not only itself but teal from being used by other players? That would improve the overview of the game when we don't have to focus our eyes on the borders when my light blue teammate is fighting with opposing teal player. I didn't find anything like that on uservoice, so I thought I'd bring it up here.
Color diversity: 9/7/2011 17:42:54

Level 11
Not really as it wouldn't be very fair to the players whose colors you're making them change just for your aesthetic appeasement. I get what you're saying as I've run into that scenario a number of times myself, but you gotta remember that those players personally picked that color selection and it's bad enough when you're forced to change your color cuz someone has the same selection as you, never mind having to change if a color was *close* to yours.

Perhaps Fizzer could put into an update where you could make a template for a 3v3 game with 6 specific color assignments that are distributed to everyone at game start? Could maybe have that as an option when creating a game ("Use existing colors where possible" or "Select specific color profiles") or something along those lines. Not too sure how hard that would be to implement but it's an idea.
Color diversity: 9/7/2011 18:00:21

Level 16
Perhaps simply having the option to do so in a particular game (without changing your main color and without being forced) would work? That way if someone sees someone else has a similar color in a smaller game they can, but don't have to, choose another color. And maybe only give that option when there is a similar color in use.
Color diversity: 9/7/2011 19:36:17

Level 54
You'll find something like that in Uservoice, about being able to choose its color right in the game lobby, or being able to change any player's color in games, so that you don't have to see players coloured as they chose to be.
I'm lazy and you'll find it by yourself somewhere in UV ;o)
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