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Warlight Programming github: 9/7/2016 01:03:50

Level 60

It gets hard to find the warlight programming related repos on github, especially since searching for warlight returns so much warlight bots for the AI challenges, which is cool on it's own but i am more interested in listing resources for CLOTs, scrapping, the official AI bot, etc.

So i made https://github.com/WarlightProgramming github group

And i invited all the people on github that i know are interested in this kind of thing.

Also forked some repos that are most interesting (to me atleast)

The fork is only to have them listed on the WarlightProgramming group and thus easier to find.

Let me know if you want to get invited to the group or think a specific repo should be forked.
Warlight Programming github: 9/17/2016 08:24:43

Level 62
^ I think he'll only invite people who he trusts.
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