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Settings of the "Map if the Week": 9/3/2016 19:29:04

Level 61

I like to play the Realtime auto game "Map of the week". But i have two Suggestions for the Settings.

1. Why should in a FFA the Surrender be accepted? "Instand Surrender" and out.
2. If time is up - why should we wait another 5 min for Autoboot. Internet Problems...? I guess it is used more often only for revenge of a lost game, to let the others wait.
Settings of the "Map if the Week": 9/3/2016 20:52:03

Level 58
- Aren´t map of the week settings standardized= What I mean same from week-to-week. Well map vary in sizes, for ~100-200 territory maybe the 5 minutes are ok to commit, but think on 1200 territory map. Are you sure you can manage, some play on phone as well which make turns longer to take. Thats why the 5-bank is good.

- The general problem lies in fact that Settings do not match the Map always. There are few map-of-the-week related Uservoice suggestions, but none have gotten any interest from community:


I think personally if settings would vary for each map as well the auto-games would be more played. For example the 4-player FFA does not sound exactly appealing to everyone I assume (nor suit for every map). I´d make them simple so new players could understand and not be overwhelmed by local-deployment, multi-attack nor no-split mode. But variety would make it at least worthwhile to check them.

Well, the revenge waiting is problem of every game which has lengthier time-frame. Sadly, we have to consider it, when we play real-time.

Edited 9/3/2016 20:53:26
Settings of the "Map if the Week": 9/3/2016 21:42:47

Level 62
They're created using default settings *

*when Duel was MOTW, Fizzer made the settings himself.
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