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Suggestion re player suspension: 8/23/2011 18:24:20

Level 57
I am currently playing in the semi final of a 3 v 3 tournament. It appeared that one of my team mates didn't take their turn in time to avoid the auto boot and so now we are more than likely going to lose playing with an AI team mate.

However, I have just noticed on his profile page that he has been suspended until a specified date.

I don't know what he did but according to the profile message he is going to be allowed back to play again in two days time.

So my question is, if in future, as is the case in this tournament, vacations are allowed, can players suspended be marked as on vacation if the suspension does not exceed the vacation limit so as to avoid screwing the tournament up for his teammates?
Suggestion re player suspension: 8/24/2011 00:53:04

Grumpy Cat
Level 13
I was talking to Brill on AIM today. Said some words were exchanged in a 3v3 game. Whats lame is only Brill was suspended and not any of the players on the other team...
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