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Warlight Olympics Update!: 8/30/2016 23:14:37

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
The signups for the Warlight Olympics are now closed!!

All of the participants are on this spreadsheet! If you signed up but you are not on the spreadsheet, it means you never told me which events you wish to compete in, so I am sorry, but I assume that means you do not wish to participate.

Warlight Olympics standings, games, and news will be posted in a forum thread that will be created when the games start.

Soon I will be sending PM's to all countries to ask them to create 2v2 and 3v3 teams. There will be more information about this in the PM!

Also, some countries were merged together due to teams being too small. If you have any problems with the way you were merged, let me know. If you do not see yourself on the spreadsheet or the list below but you did PM me, I am terribly sorry. Please PM me again and let me know which events you told me, and tell me your country as well.


www.warlightolympicgames.weebly.com (Will hopefully be active in Season 2)

(Special thanks to GingerKing for setting up the website!)

Final Olympic Games Lineup:
Australia and New Zealand:
-Bernies Army
-Lord of Turnips
-Zaphod Beeblebrox
-Moustache cash stash
Brazil and Colombia:
-The Black Ninja
-Uncle Sam
Germany and Belgium:
-Master HFG [Ulon]
-melwei [PG]
-Lolicon love
Japan and Malaysia:
-Ginger King
-Coronel Gavilan
-Captain Trips
-Master Farah♦
Russia, South Korea, Poland and Turkey:
-Tony Sodano
-Korean Empire
-Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
-Sułtan Kosmitów
United Kingdom and Iceland:
United States of America:
-[FCC]Aura Guardian
-Generic Tampon
-Master Turtle
-♦ Drizzy Drake ♦
-Filthy Weeaboo Scum
-Adolf Hitler
Southeast European Nations:
-Robert E Lee
-[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five

Edited 9/14/2016 20:05:15
Warlight Olympics Update!: 8/30/2016 23:25:55

Level 61
This is the time of the year where some WarLight players realises School/college/hedgeschool is coming and that needs sadly a little bit more attention then a game...

Could I please drop-out of the Olympics?

Thanks :)
Warlight Olympics Update!: 8/30/2016 23:49:54

Level 56
iceland is not alone. im sad. i think u should start this up next may. school started a week ago for me and my time is going to go down. I think you recruit for the winter about this and start it up a specific date next spring(april-may area) just a suggestion, this is a great idea but sadly a little to late.

I will stay in though xD
Warlight Olympics Update!: 8/31/2016 00:51:36

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
I have school going on as well. This probably will still not start until Winter Break (about 3-4 months) and should be finished by the New Year. Also platinum, because of this, I ask if you would please stay in the Olympics. You will never be in more than 1 game at a time, because of the way I will set up the events. The games will also be 3day MD so you have plenty of time to play. And autoboot will be off so that you may communicate with your opponent to ask if they will not kick you if you will be busy. I will be very busy during the Olympics as well, I hope everyone understands. I understand very well that people will be busy with school, that is why I have formed these games around that, as I hope to suffice to the needs of the entire Warlight community as a whole, while also bringing an enjoyable experience.

So in regards to what I just said, Platinum, would you be able to stay in? You will have time to play with the MD no auto boot, as well as the fact that you will only be in 1 game at a time (2 at the VERY MOST if you signed up for every event).

This goes for anyone else who is involved in school as well. I will be more than happy to move events around if it means keeping players involved :-)
Warlight Olympics Update!: 8/31/2016 00:51:44

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51

Edited 8/31/2016 00:52:01
Warlight Olympics Update!: 9/1/2016 03:19:05

Level 56
thank you, winter break is OK...its just second semester.is.gonna.suck.
Warlight Olympics Update!: 9/14/2016 20:02:40

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
I have decided, due to technical issues, that the website will not be available for this season of the Warlight Olympics. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we will do our best to have it up and running for Season 2. I am currently creating the event brackets/pools, and because of the decision of no website, there will be a forum thread dedicated to events, standings, and medal count.

Thank you to all who have joined and helped, it means the world to me that we can get this much support and grow this across the Warlight Community. We have 60 members this Season, which is amazing. I never expected it to grow past 30 or so. I hope this continues to grow and become a popular Warlight event.

I am still looking for people to help me manage games, as well as write rules and help manage the forum thread(s). PM me for more information or if you would like to help.

Games should start in approximately 2-3 months, due to the fact that many players have school, me being one of them, and Winter Break will be a time when players will have more time to play.

Thanks again, good luck to all the competitors once the games start.
Warlight Olympics Update!: 9/15/2016 11:00:26

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 37
I think I have to drop out if the Australia and New Zealand teams are combined
Warlight Olympics Update!: 9/19/2016 21:00:43

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
Ginger King is already setting up the website with me, and why Commander? do you have a problem with the two being combined?
Warlight Olympics Update!: 9/19/2016 21:01:47

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
You are not even in the games, what are you talking about?
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