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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 04:22:46

Level 22
How felinist are you?

Please answer the following questions (Yes/No/Unclear)
1.Shall family power be abolished?
2.Shall the state protect individuals against family power?
3.Shall all children be taught the language of the state before the language of their family?
4.Shall the state remove children from families that are in insular religious groups?
5.Shall the state remove children from families that commit serious crimes or families that are against the state?
6.Shall discrimination based on family origins be abolished?
7.Shall everyone in a state be in the same culture regardless of their family origins?
8.Is individual religious freedom free from any secular control?
9.Shall any form of collective religious power from families and ethnic groups be abolished?
10.Shall ethnicity and any other family-based identity be abolished?
11.Shall the state or religious groups name children instead of families?
12.Shall family names be abolished?
13.Shall children be allowed to be free from their families for any reason or no reason at all?
14.Shall abortion be abolished and be replaced by artificial wombs?
15.Shall children be taught laws and morals of the state instead of whatever their families want to brainwash them into?
16.Shall religious schools only be open to those who want to attend, instead of those whose families want them to attend?
17.Shall children of members of a religion or atheists NOT be automatically classified as members of that religion or atheist?
18.Shall any ideology that supports unconditional human obedience to other humans be eliminated?
19.Shall the world be free from dictatorship?
20.Shall the ideology of family obedience (patriarchy, matriarchy, whatever other ideology that subdue an individual to other individuals in his/her family) be eliminated?

Yes-1 Point
No-0 Points
Unclear-0.5 points

0-3.5 Caninist
4-7.5 Slightly Caninist
8-12 Neutral
12.5-16 Slightly Felinist
16.5-20 Felinist

me: 20/20

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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 04:25:48

Level 22
Felinist Scoreboard
Tabby 20
Clyde Coupe 18.5
ACMFatih1899 8

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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 04:28:06

Level 22
Detailed answers from Tabby

(to be written)

11.Yes. Ideally individuals should name themselves. At least secular individuals should do so. However infants need names. Hence the state should give them names. (To be continued)
12.Yes. Family names are inherently evil and oppressive since they are imposed on individuals. Individuals should have the freedom to abolish this family names and instead have multiple personal names instead to help differentiate individuals with the same first name.
13.Yes. There is no inherent reason why an individual must live with another individual. Families are imposed on individuals the moment they are born. However individuals should have the right to refuse to live a family life. Hence individuals should have the right to be free from their families and in the case of minors they should have the right to be free from their families and instead have the state as their legal guardian.
P.S. I'm not encouraging runaways. It has to be legal to be free before you can try.
14.Yes. Abortion is the intentional killing of a human being by the family which demonstrates an extreme form of family power which is even harmful in low dosage. The correct solution to unwanted pregnancy is to transfer the unwanted fetus to an artificial womb. Pro-life organizations should stop picketing abortion centers and instead funding research on artificial wombs which can actually stop abortion forever unlike protests.

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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 04:28:32

Level 57
Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 06:56:35

Level 56
I think with the abortion, you should be allowed to abort until the research is done.

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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 07:58:45

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 37
21. Are you a sociopath?
Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 12:04:19

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Hypotheticaly wouldn't an individualist not absolutely copy two other titles even as far as adding '(fun)' behind it.

Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/28/2016 17:09:54

Level 22
Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 8/29/2016 11:29:07

Level 22
No response?

Oh a huge caninist conspiracy to sink all feline posts exists! That's censorship!

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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 9/6/2016 14:32:48

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 9/13/2016 03:51:10

Палач из Империй
Level 38
Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 9/13/2016 05:43:58

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45

The state should be above all else in this world but it MUST NOT be leftist.

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Are you a Felinist? (Fun): 9/13/2016 13:55:29

Level 56
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