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An interesting article: 8/22/2016 14:47:43

Bactrian Emperor
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In the Houston Chronicle, an article was published about a small demonstration outside of the city's NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Holding a banner that said "White Lives Matter" and carrying a Virginia Battle Flag, as well as guns.

They did not want to cause any violence, but were concerned about how Black Lives Matter does not take accountability as a movement when its members shoot police officers, specifically white ones, and start riots. This can be tied to the Milwaukee riots of a few days ago, where a black police officer shot an armed black man.

Some people in the area seemed to approve of the message, as they see no right for BLM to go scot-free when its members target white people for attack during riots.

Personally, I stand with the White Lives Matter People on this. Although carrying a Virginia Battle Flag gives off a different message, I find it ridiculous how Black Lives Matter has turned into the New Black Panthers, fighting violently, but unlike them, their enemy does not exist.

Here's the article:


With the political tension on the forums, this seemed like a reasonable topic to discuss.
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