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UserVoice: Intel Card: 11/12/2013 15:06:34

Level 51
I really enjoy playing the new local deployment setting, but I've found that many games go on far longer than they need to. I think a solution to this could be found with the addition of a new card. This card would simply allow the player to see another player's total income for X amount of turns. (1 turn would serve the purpose, but I'm sure diplomacy and FFA players would appreciate the variable.)


In my head, I'm thinking something like one card every 12 turns might seem about right. Just enough to let players know that while they've been dancing with their 12 armies/turn, the other player has been taking over the world. Or, on the other hand, that they can stop taking over the world now and start routing all their armies towards the enemy.

One drawback that I can see initially would be that in close games between good players, the card would have the potential to give away more information than intended (starting location, army location, blockades). Perhaps a setting of 0 turns could allow players to see income only 'between' turns (i.e. from the time the card is played until armies are distributed the following turn)?

UserVoice: Intel Card: 11/12/2013 17:32:57

Level 44
a similar card has been proposed before.. I think it was rejected due to the spy card.. I, however, support this.
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