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Pakistan has fallen: 8/20/2016 02:52:09

[WOLF] The Conservative
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At 2:00 am on September 13th, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan ( Pakistani Minister of the Interior ) along with the help of the dissatisfied general staff, gave the order to begin operations with the intention of overthrowing the current Pakistani government. The plan revolved around quickly capturing Islamabad and also seizing Karachi where 56 of 130 Pakistani nuclear weapons were held. Within hours, Islamabad quickly fell to Khans forces along with Peshawar and Bunnu. But all was not successful. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif fled into China after Islamabad was seized and even though the outer parts of Karachi were captured, the rebels were not able to blitz through Pakistani positions. By 9:00 Pm that evening, Most of middle Pakistan and Islamabad was held by the rebels with what was left of the loyal Pakistani army holding on for dear life in inner Karachi, Gwadar, and Nok kundi.


With the election knocking on America's doorstep, President Obama was very weary of heavy military involvement. Working around the clock, The US was able to secure promises from most of the nations in the region to not intervene without notifying the Americans first. The biggest problem was intelligence was relatively slim because all American operatives known to the Pakistani government were on files that the rebels now controlled. With the embassy on lockdown, President Obama ordered a ground mission to save all known American lives. Another blatant issue was the fact nobody knew who exactly controlled nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Most of the nation was in anarchy and thousands of Pakistani military personal deserted or will killed by the time rebel forces rolled into most of the city's. But since most of the region was controlled by the rebels, the safest assumption was that they either were close to finding, or already had control of the arsenal. At 3:00 am on the 14th, Khan announced he was the absolute ruler of Pakistan and any involvement from the US, China, or India will result in nuclear destruction. Within a short time, the CIA was able to confirm that Khan did in fact have control over 67 nukes.

( The object is for everyone to continue the story in their own version. Try to make it realistic. Oh yeah, yo win if you can write up a realistic way the world can return to peace without nukes following down. There are probably some mistakes in there but its fairly correct with what could logically happen. Khan is also the ousted former PM and the Army is always wanting a more aggressive leader towards the Indians in power. I did not mention India because I wanted to leave the fun stuff to yee. Good luck. )

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Pakistan has fallen: 8/20/2016 02:53:56

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zhirivovski becomes president, liberal democrats rule russia.
russia has taken kiev.
russia invades alaska.
russia takes out all ukrainians from ukraine and puts them in alaska to work the steppes.
russia is great country.
american imperialism will end.
Pakistan has fallen: 8/20/2016 05:08:36

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Fuck when I was reading I thought you were saying the news
Pakistan has fallen: 8/20/2016 08:21:48

Major General Smedley Butler
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Over the next three weeks, the US reconciles with Pakistan, India starts preparing for any sort of conflict, and China waits. In Syria, US backed rebel forces like Al-Qaeda are pushed to their brink by Chinese and Russian air strikes, while Chinese special forces operate alongside Russian ones in Syria. Obama wary of messing up his reputation, has largely ignored these, and wants to leave it up to the next president. In Louisiana, Trump donated a million dollars to funds focused on helping refugees from the flooding there, boosting his reputation among lots of folk. In Turkey, Erdogan kicked out the US from Ircirlik, and invited Russian forces in, to allow safer passage to fight Daesh and Al-Qaeda, and to make a point to the country that backed their own coup months ago. Ukrainian forces under Lukashenko mass north of Crimea, forming divisions out of their combat brigades and corps out of that.

On October 12th, a massive Chinese special operation occurs in Pakistan, wrecking the entirety of the nuclear stash through sabotage. Pakistan proclaims retaliation will occur, but Khan relents, realizing that he needs to focus on supporting Taliban in Afghanistan. Indian leader Modi thanks Xi Jingping in secret, and will reconsider it's almost neutral stance on joining the new Chinese-Russian pact. Obama relaxes his attitudes, and decides that if his last days in office are dealing with internal affairs and sending shipments of weapons to Al-Qaeda, that's all he wants to do.

On November second, Clinton is elected. On November second, NATO prepares for war.

Will continue later.
Pakistan has fallen: 8/20/2016 14:05:28

Bactrian Emperor
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I think a few things could happen:

1. International sanctions on Pakistan, aid and supplies given to remaining government forces, possible airstrikes.
2. Due to both possesing nukes and hating each other, a nuclear conflict between Iran and Pakistan.
3. Ground forces sent to fight the dictatorship, highly unlikely and resulting in nuclear war.
4. Heightened tensions over Kashmir between India and Pakistan, possibly resulting in a 2nd Indo-Pakistani War.
Pakistan has fallen: 8/20/2016 15:07:57

zażółć gęślą jaźń
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You guys have too much free time on your hands.
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