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Was taking sweden the correct move to do?: 8/7/2011 16:38:04

Super n00b FTW!!!
Level 3

a short discription:

turn 3: barykurt faces 2 enemys, and i notice he is about to face also the 3rd (yellow) by his attack at england, i know enemy is at denemark.

my considerations:
i see 3 options:
1. which i think the worst from them, trying to help thorugh the center. its not a front help, its by feeding and takes a lot of turns, if i do so most chances barykurt loose the 2 other fronts and finally also that front
2. advancing towards russia, it takes at least 2 turns untill facing enemy, most chances untill ill reach there he will be elinimated there, and also loose at the other fronts
3. which i selected and i think was the best, advancing to enemy at denemark. while i do so i can also take sweden (which increase my income from 8-10 to 13-15) and it takes me the same amount of turns to face enemy at denemark as it would take to face at russia if i advanced towards there. another 2 advantage is feeding him there to keep him alaive, and most benifit to reduce pressure on him.

what do u think?
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