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Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 01:41:07

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
So recently I came up with an idea. All these diplomacies have players divided by country, but I have never seen one divided by language. So, after hours of research, studying, double-checking and triple-checking, I have completed the first draft of my language-divided diplomacy template. It's a work in progress, so if you know something I don't (which is very, very likely) then please, let me know so I can improve the template.

RULES: (posting them here because I ran out of room in the description)

1. Be respectful of other players. If you lose, deal with it. If you win, don't rub it in anyone else's faces. There is to be no racial, sexual, or religious descrimination (unless it's a part of roleplay, and even then don't be too extreme).
2. Keep it G-rated. I personally don't swear, and I know not everyone on here does, so no swearing (again, unless it's roleplay--and only use swear words sparingly. Please avoid the F word entirely). also, nothing graphic--some of you have very dirty minds. Keep it to yourselves.
3. this is a diplomacy--declare one turn before attacking. (turn A declare, turn B attack)
4. if you want to declare on an ally, you CAN declare war on the same turn you break the alliance, BUT you must wait an extra turn to attack. (turn A break alliance and declare, turn B wait, turn C attack)
5. NO WARMONGERING. you MUST have a reason to declare. using roleplay as an excuse IS permitted. just as long as you come up with some reason rather than declaring out of the blue.
6. superpowers (the three players with the highest income) may not allign with one another.
7. claims must be respected if the player who made the claim has a lower income than you. however, if the player has a higher income, you can invade their claim if you wish (though it's advised not to do this--it will start conflicts)

breaking of any of these rules will result in you being PE. you may be forgiven by your victim, but you must ask. everybody makes mistakes.
however, if you break the rules on purpose JUST to ruin the game (like Remove Kebab specifically) you will be blacklisted. if you break rules 1-2 and do not ask for forgiveness, you will be blacklisted.

whether or not someone is PE will be left up to a majority vote. however, as the host, I (Clint Eastwood) have the final say over whether or not someone is PE, and my vote trumps all. I promise to judge fairly. if you don't think I do, just don't join my games.
PEs may not have alliances. they are to be attacked by any capable of fighting them. anyone harboring or assisting a PE in any way will also be PE.

I know it's a lot more rules than normal, but I literally just copied and pasted from another one of my diplos; those rules tend to work well.

for those of you wondering about the game itself but are too lazy to click the link below, here it is:

in this diplomacy, countries do not exist--instead the world is divided by language. using this list ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_languages_by_number_of_native_speakers ) I took the 40 most commonly spoken languages/dialects and distributed the territories accordingly. for each territory, I found the most commonly spoken language (that is in the top 40 spoken languages) there and that's how I distributed it. Some things were a bit difficult--for example, Danish isn't in the top 40 languages, and their secondary language is German, which is why Denmark is German territory. Greenland and Faroe, while they don't speak German, don't speak any other languages in the top 40, but they're Danish territory, so they're slot H. Same thing goes for the Balkans--Croatia's secondary language is German. Bosnia's secondary language is Croatian, so I put it as German as well since, in this game, Croatia is German territory. It gets confusing at times, with who owns what, but you'll catch on.

A - English - buggy
B - French - Coronel Gavilan
C - Jin - Storm Spirit
D - Spanish - Clint Eastwood
E - Portugese - Orthrus Echo Five
F - Russian - The Spanish Monarch
G - Arabic - Davidian
H - German - Gott liebt Sie
I - Turkish - Prince Zuko
J - Oriya -
K - Persian - Sander
L - Urdu - Pigeacorn
M - Ukrainian - Jnurwin
N - Polish - Devshaan
O - Italian - Clyde Coupe
P - Hakka - Basketball16
Q - Burmese - Plaustrum the Imperialist
R - Hindi - CaptainCliche
S - Hausa - A Talking Fan
T - Sundanese - PT3BOMBER
U - Malayalam -
V - Xiang - Tom
W - Kannada - sunsetslimited
X - Pashto - Bluepotato
Y - Gan - agarionoob
Z - Mandarin - King of Legend
AA - Gujarati -
AB - Thai - TacticalGriffin
AC - Bengali - Saddle Brown
AD - Southern Min - Marek9876
AE - Tamil - Sutton the Brilliant
AF - Marathi - LinearLogicalWorldLightRuler
AG - Korean - Aisling of Kells
AH - Vietnamese - Timewizz65
AI - Telugu - Evlysium
AJ - Malaysian/Indonesian - Phakh Gokhn
AK - Wu - JannikYukuu
AL - Javanese - Mondan
AM - Punjabi - Korean Empire
AN - Japanese - japan77

the 40 largest cities in the world have been overridden to 80. all other territories are 8.

Sorry for the long thread, but I genuinely do think this will be an enjoyable game, and I'd like to see if it is. However, just posting it in the open games tab simply won't do it justice--that will only attract trolls and noobs (not that it won't on here, but hopefully not as many). If you are below level 40 and want to join, just PM me--the prerequisite is to prevent too many people from joining the game too fast.

TL;DR: I created a diplomacy game divided not by country, but by language. Join. It'll be fun.

And the link, of course: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=11734841

Edited 8/14/2016 02:45:40
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 02:08:30

Level 36
I suggest having a separate alliance for Scandinavian languages and break down Slavic into Russia, West Slavic, and East Slavic. That way you can avoid Norway speaking English and the Balkans speaking German.


>Sweden speaks Arabic

20,000,000 keks under the sea
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 02:27:06

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
No really, Arabic is Sweden's most commonly spoken language within the top 40.I was shocked too.
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 12:54:51

[NL] Sander
Level 59
I would say put the Netherlands under Germany, you put Belgium there already which only has 0.4% of it's population speaking German, while the biggest part of the country speaks Flemish (which is very closely related to Dutch) and Dutch is closely related to both German and English and if you put Flemish under German you should put Dutch there too.
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 13:06:39

Level 60
Are so many countries speaking english or russian natively, really?

Edited 8/9/2016 13:13:51
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 13:23:46

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Yeah, really. Most of them are secondary languages--as I've said, I ONLY used the top 40 languages, so if a country's native language wasn't within the top 40, I used the most commonly spoken language that was. Many times this turned out to be English, French, or Russian. Or in the case of Sweden, strangely enough, Arabic.
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 15:21:56

Level 58
does it not make more sense to find really common languages (norwegian, swedish, danish, etc.) and group them together for one slot
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 17:22:27

Level 61
What about albanian?
Diplomacy by language: 8/9/2016 20:17:55

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Only room for 40 players. Only used 40 languages. Albanian isn't a very common language.
Diplomacy by language: 8/13/2016 17:41:32

Level 32
i want 2 play
Diplomacy by language: 8/13/2016 19:12:31

[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
Level 53
+Over9000 Bayern Munchen is the Best
Diplomacy by language: 8/13/2016 19:31:24

Level 16
i would be in for this
Diplomacy by language: 8/13/2016 20:10:43

Level 60
^^ what about sailesian?
Diplomacy by language: 8/14/2016 02:47:41

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Wouldn't that just fall under Italian?
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