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Fall Weiss: Map testors wanted: 8/7/2016 18:16:46

Alfred Jodl
Level 53
Looking for testers for my very first map: Fall Weiss
It primarily focuses on the Invasion of Poland of World War II and has a numerable amount of territories to make this strategy based.
Fall Weiss: Map testors wanted: 8/8/2016 06:32:49

Level 30
The biggest possible problem I can see with this map is the fact that Poland would be extremely overpowered as the whole of Poland is included whilst only part of Germany and Russia is. You might need to give Germany and Russia some extra armies to make up for this.
Fall Weiss: Map testors wanted: 8/15/2016 20:01:14

Level 42
I would be willing to test this map, but I do agree. Poland would end up stomping both sides easily if they have resources comparable to the size of their territory. Possible solutions to this could be to make each territory of Poland worth much less (I.E. 1 Region of Germany = 7-10 troops, 1 Region of Poland = 2 troops), or have Germany/Russia start with way more troops. Also, it might be nice to have some of those other nations around the area playable, just for varieties sake.
(My apologies if I've said anything stupid, as you can see I'm still kind of a newb.)

Edited 8/15/2016 20:02:02
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