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iOS mobile app features: 8/2/2016 19:59:46

Level 60
Hey all,

I'm trying to figure out one of Fizzer's lovely new features for the iOS app. As I'm a mere burger flipper at the local Krusty Krab, I can't afford to pay for a membership in Warlight, and thus my brand new iPhone 6S has ads displayed on the top banner.

When I'm in a real time game, in the top left, there would ordinarily be a timer to show how much longer I have to take my turn. Now, not only is there the timer, but in an effort to be super efficient with screen real estate, Fizzer also put an "Exit" button.

What do you think will be the next thing Fizzer puts on top of the Exit button? Maybe he can put a surrender button there too, and then after that, a free money button.

That was so very smart of Fizzer to conserve screen space by putting a bunch of layers right on top of one another. He's the best!

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iOS mobile app features: 8/2/2016 20:41:23

Level 60

Warzone Creator
Please upgrade to the latest version of the iOS app. That issue has already been fixed.
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