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I am Chaos defeats BP: 8/5/2011 17:02:59

Blue Precision 
Level 32

Allow me to be the first to congradulate him. This was a 36 turn war that was played for nearly 3 months. I pulled out all the stops but it came down to he having the superior spreadability. Still beautiful job vanquishing me from North America and protecting Greenland and, in the process, trapping my largest stacks in places whare I could do nothing offensively with them.

* In my defense, Eitz had made my picks for me when I was away on holidays in June. I place the loss squarely on his shoulders because I never get outplayed... ever :)
I am Chaos defeats BP: 8/6/2011 03:41:10

[中国阳朔] V 
Level 12
so this epic match finally finished.
Grats Chaos!!
I am Chaos defeats BP: 8/6/2011 08:05:15

Level 49
def a gg here... i tried to end it quickly but only to see you come back hard.
Played more careful after that and new it would come down to spreadability.
Blockading your 5 bonus with 50+ was key imho.
I am Chaos defeats BP: 8/6/2011 08:40:46

Level 11
Hahaha ouch, way to throw me under the bus there *pal!* It's not **my** fault you're not as good as I am in those spots ;P

Good game gentlemen.
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