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Vacation: 8/3/2011 23:34:42

Level 23
isn't a feature. Please remove it from the game. There are no benefits from it, only trolls. Please do not give tools to trolls. Thank you.
Vacation: 8/3/2011 23:38:42

Level 10
Fail troll is fail again.
Vacation: 8/3/2011 23:50:30

Level 58

Warzone Creator
I realize you're probably just posting flamebait, but I should point out that it's an optional feature. If you don't like it, you can turn it off for your games.

Now, since we've identified that it doesn't actually affect you, asking for it to be removed from the game is a bit rude. You're basically telling other players how they should be playing WarLight when you aren't there. Warlight's philosophy is that players are in control - if someone wants to wait for other players when they leave for extended periods, they have the ability to do so.
Vacation: 8/4/2011 09:11:05

Level 58
Vacation mode is a great feature, but I think you should reduce the number of days.
5 times 10 days max is both too long and too short at the same time:
Too short for the usual 2 week holiday trip (don't know about you, but that is my average vacation).
Too long if you really abuse it and take 5 consecutive 10 day breaks.
How about 30 days per year, freely distributable on any number of breaks? So you can either be gone 30 days in a row, or 30 times for one day only.
Vacation: 8/20/2011 23:34:30

Level 56
I completely agree with Diabolicus. In addition, when it was added it should not have been added to all games. I should have been an option that you gave only to new games. I have a game that hasn't moved for like 40 days and thought the player has an excuse for it. He has been able to get on and reenact his vacation. He should have been polite enough to make his moves at those times.
Vacation: 8/21/2011 03:21:22

Aerial Assault 
Level 60
The vacation feature is not a positive development. It's ruining tournaments, which have enough challenges getting started and completed anyway. Yes, it's optional, but that doesn't much help for tourneys, because so few tourneys get started these days relative to 6-12 months ago that you really have no choice but to join tourneys where the game creator has enabled vacations, or . . . well, not join many tourneys. Some tweaks are definitely in order. Eliminating the bootstrapping that petersrule is talking about would be a nice start.
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