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Liar Nick45: 7/28/2016 14:37:50

Level 56
Actually you shouldn't play with Nick45 because he is a real liar. Why people lying just for a game? Yesterday and today we play Imperial diplomacy game and he always tell lie. When he is weak, he obeys to rules but when he gets stronger, he always starts to tell lie and doesn't obey rules. He was PE today but other players who his allies called (superidiot and howareyou) don't attack him, just attack me. And also I got a screenshot. After my surrender I wrote something..
You can see how he tells lie easly. He always do that. He attacks me without declaring war and his allies don't attack him. They attack his enemies.
Nick45 lied again to Wateronix today. Nick45 said "Let's become ally but you are ally with howareyou, so you break your agreement and become ally to attack another player". Wateronix accept it and he broke their agreement but Nick45 said "declaring war wo Wateronix, as he perceived me as one who would dump his ally" And than Nick45, Superidiot and Howareyou declared war on Wateronix. Guys this is not a tactic or strategy. This is lie and He always do this !

Nick45 = China
Howareyou = Brasil
Superidiot = Australia

Sorry my english.
Note:I'm new in this game and I like it but I am alienated from game because of them..
Please don't play with them.
Liar Nick45: 7/28/2016 15:12:05

Lolicon love
Level 56
Cool story bro.
Liar Nick45: 7/29/2016 00:38:56

Level 58
@OP Are you Turkish?
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