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Skip: 8/2/2011 15:28:55

Level 36
Why isn't there a skip a turn for people that take too long?
Skip: 8/4/2011 12:23:10

Level 48
because people havent posted the idea and voted on it in the appropriate place.
anyway, the option you re proposing is nice, but not necesarily, you can already boot slow players, and let s be honest, a game vs a player who skips his turn now and then is no fun
Skip: 8/4/2011 14:01:26

Level 3
I think a 'skip turn' option would be great. It may already be there but you could try posting it on uservoice.com.

I have seen a ton of games ruined because a player got booted and in several of those games the booted player returned and could very likely have recovered from the loss of a single turn.
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