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Possible multi accounter: 7/24/2016 13:58:06

Lemmy Kilmister
Level 55
His name is Richard Dawkins,https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=11589039 this is the game where i noticed something very strange,he played as Iraq while his enemy Iran was played by a guy from his country too,and the strange thing i noticed is how Iran airlifted everything out of his lands,and somehow Iraq knew it and attacked those territories even tho they had allot more armies than the ones he was attacking from.This is only a suspicion but if you look at history,you will notice how he blocks every attack from his enemies and knows exactly where to blockade in the right time.And when his enemies would get booted,he would play allot worse than when they were here cuz ofc he can't see their orders untill they commit,it is possible that he used Iran as a spy to check on his enemy's orders.I have already reported him for multi accounting,maybe i'm wrong but this sure looks suspicious.
Possible multi accounter: 7/24/2016 14:01:52

Level 46
Am in the same game, perfect emergency blockades vs me twice. Putting all his income in 1 area and emmergency blockading it then is kinda shady.
Possible multi accounter: 7/24/2016 14:08:41

Level 61
Not possible,obvious.
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