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Game: Ancient Greece Diplomacy [AltHist part 1]: 7/23/2016 13:14:26

Master HFG
Level 55

Edit: This is closed now, but anyone can sign up for the next episode already, just contact me via WarLight mail.

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Game: Ancient Greece Diplomacy [AltHist part 1]: 7/23/2016 13:14:35

Master HFG
Level 55
1. Attacks on other players (with the exeption of "Interventions" and "Rebellions" which are explained later) can only be ordered one turn after a valid declaration of war.
2. If a player is already at war, nobody else can start a new war with him. Allies and Vassels are the only ones who can join an existing war.
3. The only allowed form of an alliance is a group alliance led by a city state (explained later).
4. If a player's capital (start territory, can't be moved) is taken by the enemy, he must become his vassel. The capital must be released again.
5. In case of war against an alliance the alliance leader's capital must be taken. Seperate peace's are not allowed. After the capital has fallen, the alliance is disolved and all vassels achieve independence. The former alliance leader can't lead a new alliance for 10 turns.
6. Players must not be eleminated exept they are classified PE by the host.
7. Vassels must follow their ruler's orders. Rebelling is only allowed while he is at war. If the rebel can hold his capital for 3 turns he becomes independent and immediate peace takes place. In case of failure, he can't rebel again until the next war.

8. In every turn divisible by 5 no attacks are allowed. All wars must take a break due the Omypics.
9. The deployment limit per territory is 7.
10. The stack limit is 25.
11. The rules 8 and 9 don't affect capitals.
12. Airlift cards can be only used on territories which border the sea.
13. Gift cards can only be used to gift to allies and vassels.

14. Every player has to choose on of the forms of state that are available for his region.
15. Some state forms of state are allowed to break some of the previous rules.
Game: Ancient Greece Diplomacy [AltHist part 1]: 7/23/2016 13:15:23

Master HFG
Level 55


I Player at the Greek mainland, Crete and the Peloponnese:
These states are the most important ones.
a) City State - Can lead alliances. Can not be made a vassel. Noone is allowed to annex land of their home bonus. (Passing and occupying is allowed)
b) Kingdome - Does not have to follow deployment and stack limit rules. Can't join group alliances. Noone is allowed to annex land of their home bonus. (Passing and occupying is allowed)
Switching between a) and b) is only allowed ONCE. This process takes 3 turns.

II Players on other Islands and Chalcedice:
These players are not allowed to annex parts of the Greek mainland or the Peloponnese.
b) Allied - Member of an alliance led by a city state.
a) Neutral - Not member of an alliance.
Switching between a) and b) is allowed at any time.
Leaving an alliance takes 5 turns. In this time limit the alliance leader is allowed to intervene with his military. If he is able to take the player's capital, the seperatist must become a vassel of the alliance's leader. If not, the seperatist gets all his land back.
Switching an alliance automatically leads to war with the previous one.

III Players at Anatolia and Byzantion:
a) Colonial - Is the vassel of the city state he chooses. Must be a vassel, but is allowed to switch rulers. In such a case the new ruler (as longa s he accepts) automatically ends up in war against the previous one.
b) Defense League - Does not have to follow deployment and stack limit rules. Must retreat from all islands. Only players who controll two entire bonuses can switch to this state form of state later in the game.

IV Will be revealed by the host in the final phase of the game...

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Game: Ancient Greece Diplomacy [AltHist part 1]: 7/23/2016 13:16:47

Master HFG
Level 55
I will stay in the game as a moderator, remind on some rules from time to time and judge on PEs. To assure this power I will start with a serious amount of armies. I won't intervene in the normal game, so don't worry about that.

[rest deleted]

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Game: Ancient Greece Diplomacy [AltHist part 1]: 7/25/2016 03:10:50

[TWI] limalia_786
Level 56
I'd love to take part

Although i'm not part of your clan, i am in xXOmegaXx's game which is the first of a series (and in the struggle for Alstadt game with you) and i'm a very reliable player concerning boots.

Love RP and would be happy to join your series.

EDIT: if you allow me to join i'd love to be any state in 'Greek mainland, Crete and Peloponnese' category

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Game: Ancient Greece Diplomacy [AltHist part 1]: 8/17/2016 23:15:55

Master HFG
Level 55
Game closed

[deleted content]
I opened this thread to organize one of my games. If you did not come here via a link I sent you and are not a members of the USSR clan, you can ignore this thread. You won't be invited exept when I know for sure that you are a reliable player or someone who already is invited assures me that you are one.

It is finally the time for me to host a new game. As you mabye know, xXOmegaXx has began his own history series shortly ago. His idear was similar to mine: Having a series of games which are part of an "alternative world history". The results of one game would influence the next one.
Today I am starting the first game of my own series. My biggest problem was realism and fairness. To guarantee these factors, I have limited the first few games playing in the Ancient era to some important areas, like this time: Greece

This is your chance to gouvern an ancient Greek state fighting for supremacy. I know the rules seem to be quite complicated, but as long as you focus only on your given opportunities, it should be enough to handle. I have seen far more complicated games working already.

As long as we have enough players willing to give it a try, it can be an awesome game.

If you are interested in joining, just write it here or send me a mail. Also mention your favorite slot if you have one. If you think that you are active enough, I can also give you one of the more important slots left: Athens and Ionia
Just don't get booted in case you take one of them.
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