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Ethos (eSports League Creation): 7/22/2016 04:35:26

Level 58

It is a League Creation Platform that will include different metric tools.

They aim to *improve* the social experience of large multiplayer & competitive games (League of Legends, CS-Go...).

It seems like it could be something like Facebook. It promises features as coaching, easy access to community guides and more.

There is a very popular *APP* for games called Overwolf. It is something you install and make scripts for it.

P.S. : Very similar to Greasemonkey Chrome scripts.

If *ETHOS* would work the same way, it would be great. Install it, volunteer as a mentor and get automatically matched with a new player of the same skill set.

I think the project is good for every competitive game

I saw the google ads in Warlight. I was naturally intrigued because it is different from all the other advertisements I usually get.
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