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Broken Arrows?: 7/20/2016 20:08:04

Emu Pub
Level 62
How is it EVERY team but one, is showing "Up" arrows on the 2v2 Ladder. Broken code I'm guessing?
I suppose if one team left at the top, you'd have everyone move up a slot, but it is showing almost everyone moving up 4+ slots with no equitable downward movement.
Broken Arrows?: 7/20/2016 20:11:48

Level 58
The arrows might be showing the teams improvement/downslide of their rank from last week maybe, therefore all teams except one improved upon their rank from last week. If this is true it wouldn't consider movement of the other teams

Edited 7/20/2016 20:12:16
Broken Arrows?: 7/20/2016 20:29:54

Level 63
I guess a few teams just dropped out and so everyone moved up
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