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Tic Tac Toe: Reverse Income: 7/19/2016 21:59:07

Level 58
As we all know, the picking stage is the most important. What are you favorite picks? Do you like center?

Template link for anyone who has been living under a rock and isn't familiar:

Edited 7/19/2016 22:44:59
Tic Tac Toe: Reverse Income: 7/19/2016 23:54:19

Level 61
I know you like the template HinkyPanky and you would be more experienced than others so I would be interested to hear your little short strategy guide about the template.
Tic Tac Toe: Reverse Income: 7/20/2016 01:30:59

Level 58
It's my personal opinion that TTTRI is it's own game mode, as opposed to a template, because it is that different than every other template, but that is semantics and everyone is entitled to call it what they want.

  • +1 income per territory
  • Completing any bonus (three in a row, tic-tac-toe) decreases your income by 2
    • Having all negative bonuses is so opposite of every other Warlight game! This is why I consider TTTRI to be its own game mode, like Local Deployments or Multi Attack.
  • Cards
    • Order Priority/Order Delay - Use like normal. Start with one of each, get one of each, each turn.
    • Reinforcement Card - Use like normal, the 5 army boost is huge in this game. Start with one, receive another if you survive and successfully attack for 3 turns.
    • Gift Card - Use aggressively in an attempt to decrease an opponent's income. Use cautiously for it will decrease your income as well. Start with one, get one every other turn.
    • Blockade Card - Blockaded armies will be multiplied by 10%. Use this card defensively to prevent yourself from losing income in a negative bonus. Get one every turn.
  • Strategies
    • Don't attack neutrals
    • If you have a territory that would give your opponent three in a row, that's great! You can gift it to them to (hopefully) decrease their income, or just let it sit there and give you income, because your opponent will (likely) not attack it.
    • If your opponent has a territory that would give you three in a row, watch out! They may gift it to you. Blockade one of your other territories in that row, then go ahead and take it. Your opponent probably won't be defending it.
    • Blockades
      • Blockades multiply armies in a territory by 10%, not 110%.
      • Only blockade territories that have 1 army in them. Any more armies is a waste.
      • Blockades turn into 0 neutrals, so you want to put them behind your line. You have to defend your blockades, instead of having them defend you!
    • Reinforcement card
      • Keep attacking! Your need that second, and maybe even third card!
      • Be careful attacking! Since 4 income usually has the game won, every army matters.
Just be good at guessing what your opponent is going to do.

Also, I think I may like TTRI 1ag1ag1 because there are no neutrals, and it's even crazier! Sound fun to you, too? Message me for an invite to my tournament! https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=19838
Tic Tac Toe: Reverse Income: 7/20/2016 02:04:30

Level 61
I think now since you've written a guide about a template, A very unknown template maybe to me anyways it will encourage people to try it out especially with the tournament you created. Maybe make it to the Seasonal Ladder :D:D
Tic Tac Toe: Reverse Income: 7/20/2016 03:03:56

Level 57
MoD will beat seasonal again if it goes there sigh.Anyway invite me to the tourney
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