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Booting is annoying: 7/21/2011 21:15:28

Level 9
Just airing an annoyance...

I really wish there was a way to delay booting slightly, like saying 'I'm still here!'

I was playing a game and had an interruption; I came back after four minutes and started deploying troops and scheduling attacks.

It pushed me past the five minute mark and I was booted just as I hit submit. I supposed that I could have sent them a chat, but I wasn't sure if they'd honor it or boot me, so I gambled and tried to play quickly.

I would *love* for a boot request to pop-up a window on my screen that I get 30 seconds for acknowledging (only displayed the first time).

Still, cool game, but I hate losing because I was 10 seconds late instead of because of skill. ;)
Booting is annoying: 7/21/2011 21:28:47

Level 54
Solution: join/make 10 minute boot games
Booting is annoying: 7/21/2011 22:23:44

Level 36
I think he's talking mostly about the Auto-games. They have the best settings and as a non-member you can't make em any better.

I think a 1 time 30-second 'okay window' would be nice to have. Hitting the Okay button would give you 30 extra seconds to put some sort of order in.
Booting is annoying: 7/21/2011 23:38:38

Level 3
That would be awesome.
Booting is annoying: 7/22/2011 01:24:02

Level 10
I don't play realtime games but still: +1
Booting is annoying: 7/22/2011 03:31:27

Level 23
Fantastic idea.
Booting is annoying: 7/22/2011 03:39:27

Level 12
Autoboot is there for a reason. If you take a break and see you're down to a few seconds, don't try to squeeze everything in. Just dump troops and have a crap turn.

As far as folks who boot the moment time runs out...well, that's absolutely pathetic. I have a massive blacklist and most people are on it for pulling that crap.
Booting is annoying: 7/22/2011 15:08:37

Level 9
I agree, but we live in a real world where there are pathetic people who just wants that win to boast their ego. The only thing we can do is to make sure we move fast, and press that 'r' button frequently. In your case, because of the interruption. well, that's just too bad and unlucky...
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