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My ``What If´´ Series,Part 1: Poland: 7/12/2016 00:19:06

Level 43
I Am Here To Ask A ``What If´´ Question.
Now,I Know There Are Alternate History Discussion Boards But,I Just Wanna Ask.
What If Instead Of Germany Turning Nazi,Poland Did?
Now, You MAY Think This Is Stupid Question,But Think About It.
In This Thread,You Can Make A ``Alternate History´´ Scenario About Polaish Facist Revolutuion,Start Of WW2. etc.
This Alternate History Will Start On 1930.
So,Think About It!
(Also,I Talk In All Capitals,Sorry It Is Peruvian Way)
Dont Criticize Me.
My ``What If´´ Series,Part 1: Poland: 7/12/2016 00:19:58

Level 43
Also,Make A Detailed Scenario. Maybe Even A Map Of Your Alternate Timeline
Anyway, It´s Up To U now.
(Peruvian,A New Word xD)
Do It In 3 Parts:
-World War
And Maybe
-What Changes Did It Make On The World?
(In This Timeline,Hitler Was A German Soldier In WW1 And Died At The Battle Of Verdun)
(Germany Also Still Had Land That Connected To Kalingrad,But Bavaria Was Made As A Independent State)
Work Your Magic, Warlight People!

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My ``What If´´ Series,Part 1: Poland: 7/12/2016 00:34:24

Level 43
Well,I Put General...

Im Trying To Make My Own Scenario, But It WIll Take Time
But You Must Do It Faster.

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My ``What If´´ Series,Part 1: Poland: 7/12/2016 01:02:46

Level 43
-A Facist Polish Movement Is Founded In Lublin, It Is Called The
It Begins Recruiting Large Number Of People,But It Does Not Get Noticed Easily.
-Meanwhile,Polish - German Relations Worsen, With Weimar Republic Putting Some Defense Systems On Polish Border.
-Germany Signs Scret Pact With ``Wielki polski Facism Zamówienie´´ Leader, Jan.
-The Treaty Of Berlin Is Signed
My ``What If´´ Series,Part 1: Poland: 7/12/2016 01:48:44

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
Few years later..

Poland gets invaded/invades USSR and/or Germany then gets absolutely SMASHED.

The End
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