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Dutch Paugers: 7/8/2016 20:42:38

Belgian Gentleman
Level 56

Don't ask me how I got it. This twitter account seems so legit and very similar to that of Paugers. Let me prove it to you.

some tweets translated:

Wil je slaven zien in real ?? Ga naar de MAC in amerika, werken voor 3.50 dollar per uur, flikker toch op !!!

Would you like to see slaves in real?? Go to MacDonalds in America where you can work for $3,5 a hour. Fuck off !

Goh bijzonder, 1 x commentaar gegeven op de FB site, Stop Oppressive Stereotypes, en gelijk een block. Alle gestoorde zwartjes, val dood !

Ahw extraordinary. I gave one comment on the Facebook site 'Stop oppressive Stereotypes' and immediately a ban. To all those cranky black people, get yourself a pine box!

Comment from a muslim:
Sixty years ago in the Netherlands many people thought that homosexuality was a disorder and normal to condemn.

His RE:
Yes, but we have developped in contrast with the muslims. For them it'll last another 1000 years until they finally do.

#Lion in cage waiting to be drugged and then murdered by a rich white American who has money not morals.

His RE:
And all those black migrants will come along as guide! #Hypocrisy

Also retweeted:

For all #homohaters #islam fascisten #christian #fascism extreme right fascism. FUCK YOU ALL!! #gaypower

ok... then we have..

Jihad is wat, maar vlak verhuizen ook niet uit !! Bijna over !

Jihad is a great deal, but don't exclude relocations !! Too many !

Also retweeted:


Just because I'm the biggest dick of them all...

as reply on the Orlando shooting: ...

Wachten op de volgende knal. #islam

Waiting until the next boom. #islam

Politiek correct, lijdt tot dood en verderf. #islam

'We sluiten de ogen voor moslimgeweld'

Politically correct, suffer until dead and deprave. #islam

'we close our eyes for muslim violence'

Dat hadden we allemaal al verwacht ! En dat door een stel akelige nederturken Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

We have expected all of this due a grisly group of ghetto turks Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Then we have a thousands of other tweets like this. He mostly responds on news events or something that has to do with the gay community. A further look into his account gave me this picture: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ClFqK5eWYAQkU83.jpg:large

so in short we have

- a gay nationalist
- a confederate
- anti-islam
- brexit supporter
- heavily anti-immigration

*ding!* *ding!* It is the average Warlight off-topic forum user!
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