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Alt. Colonial Diplo - Looking for Feedback/Players: 7/8/2016 19:03:16

Level 39
https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=888257 <-Link to template

This is Version 4 of my Alternate Colonial Diplomacy scenario, and I am looking for both feedback and committed players. Due to this scenario's complexity and size, and based on my experience with Versions 1, 2, and 3, I'd prefer to have players in the game that I know speak English and won't quit or go PE.

That said, if you DO quit or go PE without great reason, I WILL blacklist you from all further games for it.

I find players who get into the diplo and roleplay aspects much more fun than those whose only statements in chat end up being "I declare war on ____" (Hence why it's technically a practice game, to encourage some extra roleplay)

Message me or comment if you are interested, and especially if you have any feedback on the scenario! I worked really really hard on it, but I'm always open to change! ^_^


(Indented slots indicate Vassals/Teams)
Slot A: Britain
--->Slot AA: British East India Company
Slot B: France
--->Slot AB: French Colonial Empire
Slot C: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Slot D: Iran
Slot E: The United Provinces (Netherlands/Belgium)
--->Slot AC: The Dutch East India Company
Slot F: The Catalan Empire
Slot G: The Prussian Empire
Slot H: The Republic of Genoa (Italy)
Slot I: The West African Kingdoms
Slot J: Hindustan (India)
Slot K: The Swedish Empire
Slot L: The Cantonese Empire (South China, The Wu Kingdom)
Slot M: The Portuguese Empire
Slot N: Ukraine
Slot O: The Ottoman Empire
--->Slot AG: The Egyptian Caliphate
Slot P: Poland-Lithuania
Slot Q: The Crown of Castile (Spain)
Slot R: The Danish Empire
Slot S: The Arabian Empire
Slot T: The Russian Empire
Slot U: The Republic of Venice
Slot V: The Han Dynasty of China (North China, The Wei Kingdom)
Slot W: The Armenian Empire
Slot X: The Scottish Empire
---> Slot AE: The Scottish Colonial Empire (Australia)
Slot Y: The Second Kingdom of The Shu (Central China)
Slot Z: Kazakhstan
Slot AD: Japan
Slot AF: Burma
Slot AH: The Korean Empire
Slot AI: The United Buddhist Kingdoms (Tibet)
Slot AJ: Mongolia
Slot AK: Indigenous Indonesia
Slot AL: The Siamese Empire (Thailand/Malaysia)
Slot AM: Indigenous Latin American Empires (Native South Americans)
Slot AN: United Native American Tribes (Native North Americans)
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