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ham and turkey or ham or turkey: 7/7/2016 16:49:36

Level 20
I never thought I would say this about warlight. This level was the most boring level I ever played. The idea of not being able to place your bonus armies where you want to is lame. Once you know your going to win the game. Not being able to place them is a waste of time. The commander's being so hard to kill is also lame as hell. This level needs to have troop movement cards.
ham and turkey or ham or turkey: 7/7/2016 17:09:03

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Local Deployment is an excellent game modification. It completely changes the tactics of the game... have to change how you expand, how you defend and how you think. However, it is really ineffective with AI opposition since they will not surrender. Playing with humans is far better since they typically won't make you break every last bonus and kill every last troop.
ham and turkey or ham or turkey: 7/8/2016 20:40:15

Level 60

Warzone Creator
You're a member -- all you have to do, is once you get into a position where you've clearly won, click menu -> autopilot -> run+commit a bunch of times. Game is over in mere seconds!
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