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WW2 Alt. History Diplomacy game with open slots!!: 7/7/2016 03:00:01

Level 48
here is the link, https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=11533319

AH-austria Hungary
OT- Ottoman Empire
GR- German 2nd Reich
US- United States of America
BR- Great Britain
BG- Belgium
USSR-United Soviet Socialist Republic
JP- Japan
IT- Italy
BU- Bulgaria
CH- China
World War 1 (1914-18)-

AH, OT, & GR won b/c of US neutral (isolationist, no telegram), and BR neutral (No BG Attack [peaceful troop crossing] ) Side war CH---JP leads to involvment in WW1, China Win.
AH, OT, GR, BU-----------FR, USSR, Serbia, Romania, JP
Treaty of Vienna (Versailles in actual WW1)

Greece & Albania annex by OT
Romania & Serbia annex by AH
BU gets some small colonies
For Betraying the Axis powers, IT loses african Colonies (Libya & Dodocase to OT, East Africa to Ethiopia)
USSR loses Polish Territories & Baltic to GR,
USSR loses Belarus & Ukraine to AH, AH Annexes Crimea
USSR loses Caucaus territory to OT
USSR loses Primosky Territory, and KSSR & TSSR to CH
Finland Becomes Independant
Kazakhstan becomes independant
JP loses Korea, Taiwan, and Sakalin to CH
JP loses South Pacific mandate to GR
FR loses Tunisia to OT
Fr loses Togo, Ivory Coast, guinea, and upper volta colony to GR
FR loses Morocco, senegal and mauritania & parts of algeria and soudan to AH

Colonial independance (BR) 1922
Colonies of Canada, Ireland, Australia and egypt Protest for independence, Canada, Austrailia and Egypt Succeed.
Inter war wars 1924-1939
OT declares war on newly created Egypt, Without British Help, Egypt falls to an invasion that ended its 2 year independance
OT & BR split Arabia
FR wars on AH for African Colonies, FR wins, takes all but marituania and morroco.
Spain wars on AH for african Colonies, AH wins, takes Rio de oro
USSR attacks AH for Belarus, AH complies
AH occupies Switzerland
Colapse of Austrian Empire and World War 2 1940
Due to a variety of reasons, AH colapses, spliting into two parts, this allows Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists to rise to power in austria in 1941
Hitler Reannexes the hungarian land lost, and anslausses Parts of Germany
The rest of the world falls into chaos, and WW2 begins

Austria 114
Bulgaria 39
Ottoman 112
China 116
Total of 381

Germany 79
Russia 106
France 91
USA 126
Total of 402

There are 2 main alliances, the AXIS and the ALLIES, they do not start at war, and can not declare war as an alliance until turn 3. The leader of the AXIS is Austria-Hungary, and the leader of the Allies is the USA. The Leaders of the sides can declare war as a alliance, and can promote a leaning country to the official alliance if one is killed or booted. There are 7 classifications for AXIS or ALLIES countries. All countries on one side can not attack each other.
AXIS- these countries are in the AXIS, they can not ally with ALLIES or Strong ALLIES lean countries. They can not leave the AXIS, if one is booted or killed, a Strong Axis lean Country can step up.
Strong AXIS lean- These countries have close ties with the AXIS, they can not ally or join the ALLIES until the break ties with the AXIS, and become Neutral.
Weak AXIS lean- These countries have slight ties with the AXIS, they can ally any country they want. they can not join the ALLIES until the break ties with the AXIS, and become Neutral.
Neutral- Neutral countries can be attacked by any country, can ally any country, and can join which ever side they want.
Weak ALLIES lean- these countries have slight ties with the ALLIES, they can ally any country the want. They can not join the AXIS until they break ties with the ALLIES, and become neutral.
Strong ALLIES lean- These countries have close ties with the ALLIES, they can not ally or join the AXIS until the break ties with the ALLIES, and become Neutral.
ALLIES- these countries are in the ALLIES, they can not ally with AXIS or Strong AXIS lean countries
The Commonwealth consists of UK (Slot K), Canada (Slot AA), Australia (Slot I), and India (Slot AB). The Commonwealth countries can not attack each other, and have to defend each other from attacks unless it is all out war. The UK is the leader of the Commonwealth.
The UK (Slot K) and Belgium (Slot O) are allies. India (Slot AA) and Thailand (Slot W) are allies.

A-Austria-Hungary (AXIS)
B-Germany (ALLIES)
D-Chinese Empire (AXIS)
E- Japanese Empire (Strong lean to ALLIES)
F- Finland (Weak lean to AXIS)
G- Bulgaria (AXIS)
H- Ottoman Empire (AXIS)
I- Australia (Neutral Commonwealth)
J- Italy (Strong ALLIES lean)
K- Britain (Neutral Commonwealth)
L- Iran (weak AXIS lean)
N- Netherlands (weak lean to AXIS)
O- Belgium (Neutral)
P- Portugal (Strong lean to AXIS)
Q- France- (ALLIES)
R- Mexico (Neutral)
S- Norway (Neutral)
T- Denmark (Strong lean to ALLIES)
U- Sweden (weak AXIS lean)
V- Spain (weak ALLIES lean)
W- Thailand (Neutral)
X- Ethiopia (Strong AXIS lean)
Y- Kazakhstan (Strong AXIS lean)
Z- Columbia (neutral)
AA- Canada (weak ALLIES lean Commonwealth)
AB- India (weak AXIS lean Commonwealth)
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