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How to beat kill or be killed level: 7/1/2016 13:47:52

Level 20
Some of the more experienced players might be great winners, but very poor instructors on how to beat a level. This level is a nightmare if you try to spread out in all directions. I moved to the west and east. Putting about 2/3 of my income west and the rest east. Only placing 3 on each area to the east. The rest to the west. Continue west with all your troops only attacking with 3 armies but keep the main accumulation moving forward. Shortly his commander will be revealed and he will be weak, and you can kill him. At that point I spread out to all areas. Advancing in each direction. When I was confronted with a larger army, I would retreat just a few times to build up until I was even, a few more I would attack. Once my income got over 45 income. I would place 3 times the armies against any confrontation. I left my commander behind with only 2 armies. The key was taking out the other enemy before advancing toward the big guy. i think the main key to beating this level is beating the weaker enemy first.
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