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Map mystery: 6/30/2016 08:41:22

Sara C
Level 57
A month ago, I made a very horrible looking map called "World of Names". Recently, I decided to alter a few bonuses in the map. Since all the territories and bonuses are names, I had single-territory bonuses (e.g. Oscar) and normal bonuses (e.g. OSCAR with four territories worth 3, including the Oscar territory) but I cannot publish the new version of the map because these bonuses consist of the same alphabets. Interestingly, when I went back to the older public version of the map and tried to validate it, an identical message was sent: "There are multiple bonuses named "Oscar". Please ensure all bonuses have unique names."!

I named "OSCAR" into something else, and later the validator sent another message saying there is another group of bonuses with the same name. So reply to the thread if you have the solution, or if you find it funny or is also encountering the same problem.

Here is the link to my map: https://www.warlight.net/Map/22971-World-Names

The rating is outdated and I believe the map has become better since the later updates. Unfortunately nobody has ever read this map ever after, let alone rate it. So if you like, play a game on it and rate the map.
Map mystery: 6/30/2016 15:08:20

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Fizzer is probably talking about the 0 bonuses.

My suggeston is just put a number after each Oscar. so there's a Oscar 1, Oscar 2, Oscar 3 .. etc.

And you'll probably have to do it with all the names.
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