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Team Names: 6/23/2016 21:37:04

Level 61
I think it would be a great idea in team tournaments to be able to name your team. Rather than just, 'Team A' etc. This would also make it easier to identify who is on what team.

Just a suggestion. What do people think about this idea?
Team Names: 6/23/2016 21:40:26

master of desaster 
Level 65
It is easier to find "team A" on the tournament page, but i think that could be fun. I see potential on realtime tournaments (eg streams)
Team Names: 6/23/2016 22:19:01

Level 56
not only tournaments but in it any team names in general
Team Names: 6/23/2016 22:47:27

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
MoD you could always keep the slot/team letter and allow for a name as well
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