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Blog: 6/22/2016 03:22:21

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Hi,guys i have just started but it was a passion of mine for quite some time to starts spouting my bs on the internet for quite some time,i recently decided to write a blog.If anyone is interested,its gonna be about a possible future for the former yugoslav republics,so if you have any comments or even want to bother be sure to share with some of your frineds,here is the link


thanks guys,and enjoy if you will :D
Blog: 6/22/2016 03:38:12

Level 55
US,EU and Russia would still be very close in terms of GDP.

GHP: EU 19 205 364 m $
America 18 558 129 m $
Russia 3 684 643 m $

According to projections, even by 2030 Russia still could reach half of what America or the EU have now. Russia is much weaker than folk realise.

help India and Brazil into reaching top rank amond the world powers.

They already are, if anyone, it's Russia and Mzansi that need help. Mzansi even had a core weapon programme, and used to be a core power, before they willingly (claimed to have) ended their programme.

,the US would still be the ''top" dog,however Russia would challenge this,threw their operations in Eastern Ukraine and in Syria.

Russia is not threatening America, but China, now they can likely do something (more likely than Russia, anyway).

Russia as well as all others opposing them

Russia plans to pull out of this war soon.

Kosovo already under planning it seems that the small republic would gain independence,but i think it is far from it.

It already has, like it or not.
Blog: 6/22/2016 03:43:24

Level 57
India superpower by 2040 confirmed!
Blog: 6/22/2016 11:05:13

Level 57
Thanks for visiting...ill try and make more sense,i apologise,i hope i haven't put you off
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