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Yahoo! I finally beat world war 2320: 6/21/2016 21:49:16

Level 20
I must have tried to win this level about 20 times. I was beginning to think it was impossible. I watched the one you tube video, that Daniel something has posted. He didn't seem to encounter all the problems that I have had with this level. Its bad enough the boss starts with 400 armies. He also seems to have the ability to spawn all over the place and skip territories he doesn't own. This feature is just unfair. The number he starts with is also unfair. 400 give me a break. Here are some tips that was given that I didn't find to be true in any of my 20 attempts. One: The boss is your friend. No he is not, he is a relentless pain in the beep. he always came right for me, and would spawn much larger armies then mine, and split off in many directions. Two: keep you distance, and don't attack him. The one tip that did help me a lot was Mop up after him. His weakness seemed to be he would only attack in one direction from his main stack. So if you boarder him with 3 in one territory, and have 3 in another territory that also borders him, he will only attack one each turn. So just come behind and take back your territory. That was a great tip. I stayed right beside him. When he does spawn a new army, close or across the beeping board. Gather around that and build up you armies, and attack it. I also found that never leaving zero armies when close to a enemy really helped me. I started leaving 2 or 3 depending on what I could spare. After my income got up to about 35, I kept my advancing border built up in all attacking directions. I continued to attack in all directions through the entire game. I built up as much as I could. Advancing to the East and West proved to be easy as all as I kept my advancing borders built up. One other tip that was very correct. You can steer the boss. You put 20 armies in front of him, and he will attack a territory with zero in the other direction. I steered him up to New York, and then I used my blockade at Nova Scotis. Another just over to the west very close. I trapped him there. My income was like 150 plus I was so happy.
Yahoo! I finally beat world war 2320: 6/21/2016 21:52:31

Level 62
That was me :)
Yahoo! I finally beat world war 2320: 6/21/2016 22:02:22

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Congrats on your victory. Good news is that the next handful of levels are straightforward and relatively easy.

Couple of corrections though...

The boss can NOT just jump territories. He moves the same way any other army does.

He can not just spawn armies anywhere. Those only come at the end of the deployment phase and go where the boss is. Any other deployments are his standard income, same as yours.

The spawns seem to occur every 4 turns or so. The mechanics seem similar to a reinforcement card based on the number of turns that have passed.

As for the video, it's outdated. It came on the preview version which was both harder and easier. Harder because there were only two other AI so they got stronger. Easier because the boss would actually leave NA, something I haven't seen in the current iteration. If I recall, the video also had a very easy go of it (no offense dan) since the boss made a beeline for Asia, leaving NA open

Edited 6/21/2016 22:09:59
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