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War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/17/2016 00:25:49

Level 54
Hi folks, running a multi-day diplo that I spent some time on. I gave my clan mates first pick at the seats, but now it's open to everybody, please only apply if you'll be able to play often:

"After the War of Supremacy, nuclear weapons are all but irrelevant. China is left crippled by the surge of new states. The United States has dominated North America even further, and is firmly the last global superpower. The European Union, weakened by the war, has fractured into several conglomerate states. The Islamic States and African States were forged together by the war, but bicker among themselves and inwardly. In the Pacific, two new massive states butt heads over the remains of Indonesia, while in South America, A trio of super-Latin nations face off for supremacy. Can you lead your nation to victory? Can you forge the next great Empire? Or will your enemies stop you out of existence, leaving only the books to share your memory?"

1. You MUST declare war to attack, wait one turn to carry out orders
2. Alliances are allowed, group alliances max out at 7
3. Don't be obnoxious (booting, spam, being excessively rude, etc.)
4. You may NOT take the lands of a player who looks like they might be booted (or a surrendered player) until everyone can see those lands are neutral
5. Please Roleplay (Optional but STRONGLY encouraged)
6. Failure to follow the rules will result in you being PE. PE's can be attacked by any player, and are encouraged to do so to eliminate rule-breakers.

Scenario: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=880982

A: The United States of America [OnlyThePie]
B: The People's Republic of China
C: The Russian High Imperium [Crazypotato9]
D: India
E: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland [Darth Grover]
F: The Free Republic of Tibet and Mongolia
G: The Greater Korean Unity State [Vengence]
H: The Islamic Brotherhood of Mesopotamia
I: Pakistan and its Associated Brothers
J: The Union of Asian Soviet States (UASS)
K: Conglomeration of Germanic Nations
L: Hellenic Confederation of Peoples (UCP)
M: Greater Yugoslavia [Bluepotato]
N: Uralo-Polish Union [GeneralPE]
O: Scandinavia
P: Italian Maritime Federation
Q: The French Fourth Republic [Buggy]
R: Iberian Merchant's League [[EIC] Cade]
S: The Holy Arabian Covenant
T: Saharan People's Republic (SPR)
U: West African Empire
V: Democratic Federation of Unified Africa (DFUA)
W: South African Occupied States
X: Greater Porto-Brasilia [Derpasaur/xXOmegaXx]
Y: Union of Hispanic Gulf States (UHGS) [Pigeacorn]
Z: The Andean Politik
AA: Canada [BUFFALO]
AB: Australo-Polynesian Dominion [Alex82500]
AC: Indochinese Congregate

Disputed Regions: These territories are neutral at the start and hold 10 troops. Nations are encouraged to negotiate rather than just taking them:

Amazon Tributaries: Argued over by Greater Porto-Brasilia and the UHGS, these tributaries are home to some of the rarest animals and most amazing parts of the once-great rainforest. Tread with Care.

Argentine Plains: The Andean Politik claims this region as part of old Argentina, but Greater Porto-Brasilia opposes this claim on the grounds of having occupied it for much of the War of Supremacy.

Iceland: Canada argues for the occupation given Greenlandic History, while the Scandinavians feel the old Danish Colony should be returned.

Finland: The Russian High Imperium clamors for land to make up for its losses, while the Uralo-Polish Union and Scandinavia try to flex their new muscles in the region.

Bulgaria/Macedonia: Debated over Ethnic ties, are the people Hellenic or Slavic?

Saharan Oasises: Vital stopover points for caravans across the desert, both the SPR and West African Empire feel the need to occupy these regions.

Disputed Congo: The Iberian Merchant League desires these regions to connect their costal territories, while both African states require the region to further their causes to "unite *their region of Africa* under one power"

Israel and Sinai: Finally safe to enter after being Nuked into oblivion, The Brotherhood, Hellenes, and Saharans scramble to claim the Holy Land

Kurdistan: Struggling for independence, the Hellenes and Brotherhood both refuse to allow such a state to exist.

Kashmir: Long-Debated over, the new Tibetan and larger Pakistani states may just sway the balance in their favor.

North Indochina: Desolated by the War of Supremacy, China scrambles for scraps, while the Indochinese seek to solidify their claim of being "The True Indochina" and the Pakistanis scramble for a firmer grip on their people.

Borneo: The Indochinese and Australo-Polynesians argue over the last Island in the Pacific.

Let me know what slot you'd like

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War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/17/2016 00:49:00

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
G, Looks great!

Edited 6/17/2016 00:50:30
War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/18/2016 00:57:21

Level 54
A light bump
War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/18/2016 00:59:46

Level 56
War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/18/2016 05:11:52

Level 56
War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/18/2016 06:14:44

Level 53
canada pls
War of Supremacy Diplomacy: 6/18/2016 11:49:06

[EIC] Cade
Level 45
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