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New Nights Watch Clan Mystery Game - Saturday: 6/14/2016 17:44:37

{N.W.} TheLegend
Level 52
This coming Saturday, we will be starting the latest (ver 2.0) Nights Watch Clan GoT Mystery Game. It is the 7th in the series, all previous games have met with great success!

This version we are using a developmental team of 6 to create the individual scenarios that each player receives shortly after 'start game' is pushed. As with previous games, we also use a chat app, separate from the game, to supplement the chat in-game and discuss, RP and strategize (We've done trials, Small Councils, etc etc...)

Come see what all the fuss is about and do some RP in the Game of Thrones Realm.

Post here or PM me for an invite!
New Nights Watch Clan Mystery Game - Saturday: 6/14/2016 20:38:07

Level 57
Why did you bend over to Ragnar and add the stupid tag to your name? Did he threaten to kick you out of the clan? That's what I suggested for him to do to make people change their names.
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