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Hey Members!: 6/29/2011 18:51:08

Level 2
I was thinking that it would be cool if somebody would make a sceneario where I start with half the board and there are 7 teams of three with each player starting with like 20 armies (I start out with half the board, but no extra armies. It would force people to team up and take me down! If somebody would make a game like that and make me "the beast", that would be awesome!
Hey Members!: 6/30/2011 01:34:38

[WM] Dazed & Insane 
Level 50
Like Fortress America? With that set up though, you will easily win on almost every map.

The bigger the map, the more armies the "allies" have to start with in order to balance "the beasts" massive income. Also this would only be a good game if the allies coordinated perfectly. 1 bad player would ruin the match. This would be better as a 1v1 and just giving each player a different distribution based on who wants to be the beast.

Be very difficult to find a balance in distribution, but it could def be fun the first few times. Then it would get extremely repetitive as there will be 2-3 ways to win, so each game will be a mild variation over the last. Stinks we can't give different cards to each side.

I'm making an axis and allies template. After that I may play around with this idea, but I don't really expect anything much from it if I do.
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