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Dumb Questions 101: 6/7/2016 14:55:23

Level 58
Is there *heavy* dust in un-occupied houses ?

Why some faces shine like marble ?

How comes expression like :

"You are obtuse. You are acute."


Trigonometry is boring.

Why my Windows TEMP folder is never empty... ?

How comes it is a temporary Folder...

Why *APPS* Developers put their *special* files everywhere ?

I find config / save files everywhere. In APP Data, in documents, in Programs, in Users...

Also, most programs create a bunch of RegKeys that are totally not necessary.

Why women don't have beard ?

Did some women undergo surgery to get beard ?

Also, Amer-Indians are well known to not have beard.

Is it a myth that cities are *clean* ?

Some people advocate for local overpopulation and skyscrapers.
Everyone lives in a single skyscraper so no car.

I believe that village is the most clean lifestyle because most of the time you have no access to electricity.

Less energy spent on light, no television or computer and rare use of car because the city is like 20 km away.
Dumb Questions 101: 6/7/2016 14:59:12

Level 58
Also, the people who wrote that cities have less carbon *footprint* than villages are full of /crap/.

My neighbors produce a ton of garbage every week and throw away a lot of stuff.

In a village, you are poor so you buy less and throw less.


Sustainable city is a conspiracy financed by very mean and evil people.
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