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Big World Map: 6/4/2016 22:13:21

Level 54
Once I was having a shower, I came up with an awesome idea of creating a really huge World map, by connecting the maps, that are already maken by the users. I mean taking a prepared map ( for example Denmark Big - https://www.warlight.net/Map/18636-Denmark-Big ) and putting it on a map of Europe made of other maps. An idea of creating a World map containing as many territories as possible. Is there maybe a possibility of downloading a whole map? Or maybe there is such a map already created? Maybe somebody is creating it, but he's not already finished? And finally, would anybody be interested in playing on such a map? I generally though, that it would be great for diplo games... Has anybody any reserves or maybe somebody knows how to do it in an easy way?
Big World Map: 6/4/2016 22:17:33

Level 59
I honestly doubt such a thing is possible.
Big World Map: 6/4/2016 22:26:20

Level 53
The maximum number of territories for a map is something like 3200 I believe, so this won't be possible.

Edited 6/4/2016 22:26:32
Big World Map: 6/4/2016 22:30:08

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 52
NinjaNic made a world map (Hex Earth) with max territories.
Its very hard to make one with max territories but not using hexagons as the world has large oceans so a lot of space is wasted, therefore the map dimension restraints pose a problem.

p.s, r/showerthoughts
Big World Map: 6/4/2016 23:14:05

Level 58
There's also a file size limit, so if you were to use something as intricate as this Denmark map, you won't get very far before running into that wall. Even if Fizzer made an exception, the map would take extremely long to load on computer, let alone phones.

No doubt it would be a cool idea! But it just can't be done. :(
Big World Map: 6/4/2016 23:23:57

Level 55
and ... Fizzer dont makes exception for the memory size. It also seems you never made a map before. Maybe start with something less ambitious.
Big World Map: 6/6/2016 03:16:40

Level 54
OK, thank You for the informations, now I know more about how warlight works... :)
Big World Map: 6/6/2016 04:44:28

Funk Boy
Level 41
Scale issues make such a map difficult at best. Perhaps starting with a global map with all countries, then breaking up the countries as needed, would be the best way to approach such a task.... Problem is, the Pacific with all of its islands is a mess....
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