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Looking for Help to Build Map: 10/27/2013 04:57:58

[Ag⁴⁷] Wolffe
Level 55
Greetings fellow Warlight players. I have been here for just over a month now and I have fallen in love with the game. So much so that I want to build my own map, but alas my skills in Inkscape are almost non-existent. That is why I am looking to one of you to help me build a map. I have already made a hard copy of the map and scanned it into a digital file, as you will see below. All I need one of you to do is make the .SVG file. I plan on making the bonuses/naming the territories, seeing as I already know how I will do that. It would also be really hard to describe which territory goes where. So, this is my request. If you're willing to help a skill-less soul make a (supposedly fun-looking) map, then leave a message below and I'll decide which of you seems more fitted for such a task. I thank you all in advance.

Now, here is the map so far:

Details about it:
Red lines are connections between seperated territories.
Dark areas are mountains and are inaccessible.
Thick lines are walls that cannot be attacked through.

Any other questions and feel free to ask.
Looking for Help to Build Map: 10/27/2013 12:56:43

Level 51
A few notes to help you out.

- Territory names are not necessary in the SVG, but bonus names are, so you may want to work out where your bonuses will be and their names for whomever helps you.

- You might consider numbering all the territories to make it easier for you and your helper to discuss anything that might come up. There might be questions like "Is that far left blue territory supposed to be one territory or two?"

- Are all the little circles meant to be territories or decoration? Are the two purple (pink?) circles meant to be the same?

- What is the significance of the 'T' in some of the territories?

I'll let you know if I think of anything else!
Looking for Help to Build Map: 10/27/2013 14:23:07

Level 60
I`m quite busy this week, but I can probably work on it next week It shouldn`t take to long, it is just drawing lines over the picture.

I have the same questions as Caucasation. I would love to have those things more clear. The bonuses will be the hardest part (names and position of the squares)
Looking for Help to Build Map: 10/28/2013 07:46:44

[Ag⁴⁷] Wolffe
Level 55
Ok, I'll get to work on the numbers tonight and scan in another copy tomorrow.

On the matter of the circles, they are indeed territories, but the hand-drawn ones weren't particularly 'circular' so I editted that in with Paint. The pink circles are the exact same, but they were too big and I didn't want to confuse anyone by making them think they're 2 territories each. Overall, though, all the circles are supposed to be the same size.

The 'T' is just a personal reminder for where small town bonuses are.
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