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Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/2/2016 19:43:06

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IT is also a common practice to track animals since the 60s.

EGYPTIANS INVENTED ALGORITHMS more than 4,000 years ago.

Many *Advertising Agencies* give strategy to go viral. They forget that if people talk about, it means already that your marketing + brand + actual product is good enough.
Also, only 0,001 % of all the people in history have achieved that. Like becoming part of the cultural heritage. Coca-Cola was already popular before twitter and Facebook existed.

Social networks is not a social phenomenon. In the history of all things, it is just a successful *new* economic area. MMOs existed a long time ago. And there were other *social networks* before Facebook.

Also, artificial intelligence is :

Artificial -> created by men
Intelligence -> "Deductive reasonning"

+ Mechanical -> Predictible

In fact, it should be artificial mechanical intelligence.

Turing's first fame resulted from applying this analysis to a problem posed earlier by Hilbert, which concerned the possibility of mechanizing mathematics. Turing showed that in a certain sense, it is impossible to mechanize mathematics: We shall never be able to build an "oracle" machine that can correctly answer all mathematical questions presented to it with a "yes" or "no" answer. In another famous paper Turing went on to consider the somewhat different question, "Can machines think?." It is a different question, because perhaps machines can think, but they might not be any better at mathematics than humans are; or perhaps they might be better at mathematics than humans are, but not by thinking, just by brute-force calculation power. These two papers of Turing lie near the roots of the subjects today known as automated deduction and artificial intelligence.

Also, none of those sites talk about AUTOMATED PROOF ASSISTANT as "COQ".

ALSO, they have few dubious sources and too short.

ALSO, THEY NEVER talk about interesting stuff like explaining NOAM CHOMSKY theories. NOAM CHOMSKY wrote chef-d'oeuvres of scientific literature therefore you cannot ignore it.

Every 10 + sites I am subscribed are BAD. Say a lot of dumb stuff about IOT and all that.

Even Oracle makes dumb articles about new cloud technology, IOT, facebook generation, viral ...


I will automatic unsubscribe and maybe read useful things like game development.

I also know a little about AIs. There is no-intelligence to speak of. Just triggers and a few branching structures. I have been making a few AIs in my course.

The only intelligence we can find is divine intelligence. Many philosophers/theologians assert that the "Intellect" is of divine nature and can only be found in humans.
If there is Mechanical Divine *INTELLIGENCE*, the arguments on the philosophy field would be addressed.
If it is artificial, it is constructed thing. An artificial machine may not be self-determinated therefore it cannot be intelligent. [A little like in the game Deus Ex 1 with the AI in Paris]

Also, no one knows or cares about thought experiments : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_room


Is there any good blog or site, that is not one-sided, simplistic and *short to arrive at conclusions* ?

Libraries are good too. If you need to read a text multiple times to understand it, it is worthwhile most of the times. Finding arguments and counter-arguments while you read it. Maybe trying to reason at the same speed as the author(s). :)
Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/2/2016 20:06:19

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w h a t

Yeah, most of the tech news on the Internet is junk. If you want respectable quality and worthwhile discussion, HackerNews is still pretty solid (news.ycombinator.com).

As far as AI goes, yep, you aren't very familiar with the topic lol. It's very broad and we're still pretty far from developing general AI, but Wunderwaffe isn't anything close to the endgame. I'd recommend familiarizing yourself with machine learning as a starting point- it's pretty widely used now ("Big Data") as a way to make use of unstructured data. It's part of what's behind Google Translate, for example, or some sentiment analysis algorithms, traffic predictions, etc., and also a really broad field.

I just find it weird that you seem to sincerely believe that we've not made some incredible leaps in the field since the 1940s. Back at that time, complexity theory was completely unexplored, Boolean logic was just catching on as a way to model logic circuits after being treated as esoteric for about 4 decades, machine learning wasn't a thing, modern databases weren't a thing (inb4 you find some vague thing from 6000 BCE that technically satisfies some definition of database but doesn't function efficiently), etc. We're still at the stage where Moore's Law hasn't hit the speed of light limit (although we're pretty damn close now) and have yet to invent a fully functional true quantum computer.

As far as end-user stuff:

- the Internet infrastructure we're relying on to share this data is straight-up crazy. I don't know if you realize this, but the bandwidth and throughput we're taking for granted is incredible; try sending an image at 10kb/s and you'll see the difference.

- compression algorithms! Still tied to the earlier point, but our ability to compress data and make it easier to transmit is crazy

- virtual reality, after tons of work that goes back decades (fun fact: the facility where Oculus now resides has a ton of relics from Sun's foray into VR back in the 1980s) we have HoloLens leading the AR charge and Oculus leading the VR charge. Check out the Oculus Bullet Train demo- that's far and away better than what we had in the 1940s, and tech like this is improving so many fields already (health, education especially; human brains aren't very easily available to dissect in labs, unfortunately)

- while IoT is definitely overhyped by the media, we now have devices capable of capturing "lost" energy in the air and functioning relatively efficiently with them. IoT isn't about some new ideas but instead about scale- we're now in a position to place computers just about everywhere and radically improve quality of life

There's just a crazy amount of new stuff that happens even in the span of a year.
Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/2/2016 20:39:22

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Machine learning is "just" neural network nowadays.

Neural networks just brute-force. Their goal is not be efficient, just be good at most things.

Big Data is not a algorithm by itself. It is super-computers.

Boolean Logic existed in Ancient Greece. You had the common proposition structures. It is called formal logic.

Databases (card catalog) are found in every library. An online card catalog works the same way.

Perceptrons (book) was published in 1970s. Advanced subjects.


Anyways, it is only the infrastructures (financial + research institutions) that "*HELP*" the technological advances worlwide...
It is not like there are more geniuses nowadays than before. That refined all the old theories. :-)

Still, some theories from over a century are re-visited.


Edit :

R&D is more important in the this decade and decade before.

Huge leaps don't exist.

I think IoT "already" existed when Bluetooth became popular. Just less well implemented or something.

Edited 6/2/2016 21:56:59
Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/19/2016 02:39:01

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Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/19/2016 18:52:10

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Foolish pinhead, no need to put quotemarks.
Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/19/2016 18:58:49

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Reported for fallacious accusations with no grounding.
Is every tech net site just buzz ?: 6/19/2016 19:04:36

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^Inocherent statement

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