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mysql webinar: 6/2/2016 16:02:04

Level 58
Performance schema and Sys schema in MySQL 5.7

MySQL 5.7 now includes the sys schema by default, which builds upon the extensive instrumentation framework laid by Performance Schema.
Performance Schema has had 23 worklogs completed in 5.7 alone, such as memory instrumentation, tying in transactions and stored programs in to the current statement/stage/wait instruments and wait graph, prepared statement instruments, metadata lock information, improved session status and variable reporting, the new structured replication tables, and more.
The sys schema builds upon this strong foundation with easy reporting views and functions, as well as procedures to help both set up and manage the configuration of Performance Schema, and help diagnose performance issues with your database instances on the whole.
Join this webinar to hear about all of the exciting instrumentation improvements in MySQL 5.7, directly from the original developer of the sys schema.

Mark Leith, Senior Software Development Manager


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June 15, 9.00 am Pacific Time

Digital Transformation in Financial Services with MySQL

Information technology has disrupted the entertainment, media, retail businesses and, most recently, the supply of hotel rooms and taxis. Is it going to do the same to finance? For many years, retail banks have been secure, highly profitable businesses. But recently disruption has hit the doorstep of these financial giants. As we move into the age of the millennials, the world of banking is being re-examined; customers want new products and services…all available at their digital convenience.

In this webinar we will first review the impact digital transformation is having in the financial services industry, and how MySQL solutions, with a focus on MySQL Enterprise Edition, can help you drive your own digital transformation initiatives.

Bertrand Matthelié, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Director

Matt Lord, MySQL Product Manager


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June 22, 9.00 am Pacific Time


Some boring webinar. Unlimited places.



The leading training course on Network Security and Penetration Testing got an upgrade. Penetration Testing Professional or PTP is moving to version 4 on June 21. We celebrate this with a live webinar launch event, and you are hereby invited. You will see the course in action and get to know why this is the best training on the topic out there. We might even have some surprises for you, who knows.

This is a free event, but the number of attendees is limited. We usually reach capacity pretty fast for such exciting events, so make sure to sign up for the event right now.



IF for some reason, you want to learn (to protect) against xml attacks and all that by yourself, you can learn the bases with e-learn security instead of asking a professional.

Hacking things is cool. They also make hackathons.

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mysql webinar: 6/17/2016 12:47:19

Level 58

Live "Pen testing" action.


Another free webinar from e-learn.

I may have links for replays (video for mail-list members) of older webinars.
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