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Disappointing new map: 6/2/2016 02:26:11

Level 55

It feels like it's made for AIs. I know it was tested by them, and I bet the grounds that it scored so well on a balance with AIs is that the North AI (with more income) took Seoul, and so lost a whole bunch of income, while taking away the 5 malus from the opponent. But on two games that I played with, the map's mali seemed overly complex, and the games' outcome seemed to be chosen upon the first go. I'll put this as a map lookback, as well, but what are the other thoughts, at least, for the scenario that this map was designed for?

This map seems like it would be fun for full beginners at Warlight, but them only. Also, I really hate pockets of foe land surrounded in my land, and having to deal with them, it's just a messy deal.

Edited 6/2/2016 02:28:17
Disappointing new map: 6/2/2016 02:31:52

Level 57
well the guy making it did admit to using AIs to test for balance on another thread.
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