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Weird foreign countries things: 6/1/2016 06:56:25

Level 59
So, I'm in mexico atm, and as I am visiting this weird magical place everyone keeps talking about, I really keep finding peculiar things I find quite amuzing. So, I'll make a list, and I hope you guys can find it as fun as I did, and maybe post your own experiences about other countries.

So first thing I noted when I visited a spanish-talking country, Chile a few years ago, was a weird sign they have in shops/restaurants/any services providing places. When I arrived today at the airport, there it was again, a sign writen: "Propina", in a translation to english, "Tips". But the funny thing is the meanning of Propina in portuguese, Brazilians often hear that term, but in another case. In portuguese, propina means "bribe"; so it's mostly a word associated with corruption of public officials like politicians, cops, bureaucrats,... So everytime I give a tip, I can't laugh as fuck internally, when a waitress thanked for my propina.

Second weird thing I read today, was in my hotel room a few minutes ago. To avoid being disturbed by the room services making a cleanup, when idk, you're sleeping or having sex with your mistress in a foreign country, you can put that "Please, do not disturb" sign in your door. Well, I just found the card in the room's desk, and I read in spanish "Favor no molestar". Favor being logically please, I can't even imagine why the fuck they use molestar (aka molest) as their word to avoid being disturbed. I would of course expect not being molested by the room services, or anyone for what matters. Perhaps I should take that sign with me wherever I go, that could come in handy sometime.

Well, that's my 2 first weird things I saw in Mexico, their at least the unexpected ones, a few expected weird things I had on my mind were already proven once I got here. Local food is really spicy, I've been taking care to avoid any troubles, but a taco I ate at the airport made me drink half a gallon of water also, their country is really cheap, at least compared to Brazil and what I've seen in this short day.

Thanks for the reading, if you guys want to share some foreign experiences too, that'd be fun!
Weird foreign countries things: 6/1/2016 06:58:44

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
but a taco I ate at the airport made me drink half a gallon of water

And Teamguns died of Cholera two weeks later.
Weird foreign countries things: 6/1/2016 08:13:41

Angry Koala
Level 57
Lets not forget TG is a French spy hired by the secret French service to mock other countries and show how France is superior in anything!

First mission : Bashing Mexico!
>> Mission accomplished!
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