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New Warlight tournament: 5/31/2016 00:08:56

Australian game show fan
Level 14
My current Warlight tournament is at the Grand Final between Team Z and Team AC


After this (because I cannot set it up now because I am only Level 13) I will create a new tournament.

This upcoming tournament will have NO TEAMS, it is every man and woman for themselves.

I plan to have a 64 player tournament. Depending on turn out, I will increase or decrease this number if required.

Invite fowarding will be allowed. This will help me fill positions as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately it will not be for coins, I have 0 coins, therefore I could not afford the create tournament coin fee. (I will not pay real money for coins)

VACATIONS ARE NOT HONORED. If i was to honor them, it would delay the tournament a lot.


I would like a vote on the following 4 settings for my upcoming tournament

Which map to use?
How long between turns?
How much fog if any?
Should surrendered and booted players turn into AI if their time runs out?

The highest votes for each of the questions will be added on to the settings when I am able to create this new tournament.

Edited 5/31/2016 00:10:26
New Warlight tournament: 6/4/2016 02:13:08

Australian game show fan
Level 14
Does anybody want to join?
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